Royal Enfield Light Foot 500 by Rajputana Customs

Rajputana Customs is a well known name in custom motorcycle industry of India. They have worked on hundreds of projects and Royal Enfield seems to be the perfect ingredient for their recipe. John Abraham, one of the renowned motorcycle enthusiast of India got himself a custom built Royal Enfield Classic 500, better known by the official name ‘Rajputana Light Foot’. It proves everything that its name explain in the first look.


Royal Enfield Light Foot 500 by Rajputana Customs

Light Foot is actually light, leaving every sort of useless metal and component away from its body. The mammoth front headlight cluster is replaced here by a small headlight while the beefy front fender and suspension (along with its cover) is replaced only by a girder-fork suspension. The huge front drum brake is replaced by single sided drum brake for more attitude and lesser weight. This proves that its lighter by a long margin.rajputana-lightfoot-photo014

Not just that, the handlebar is replaced with a low slung bar that has custom engraved brake and clutch levers for the royal feel inside the Light Foot. The rear half frame seems chopped while the only thing you can see intact is the engine of the motorcycle. The exposed air filter, single hand made seat and custom fuel tank makes it look more like the salt racer for land speed record than a road going machine.


Rajputana Customs have shaved nearly every part from its body, making it good for hard acceleration and joyful riding. Cutting weight from the wheels, frame and even the suspension itself, they have built a masterpiece for someone who has been in love with his machine since childhood. Light Foot carries a golden Rajputana Customs logo on the fuel tank and proves to be one of its kind among heavyweight Royal Enfield motorcycles of India.

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