Royal Enfield Thunderbird Venom Edition by JEDI Customs

Royal Enfield Thunderbird Venom by Jedi Customs is simply superb. What you are currently looking at is the most simplest way to convert your Thunderbird into an impressive street machine. If you still feel things would get tough in the middle, parts used here are mostly sourced from other Royal Enfield motorcycles in India. Remaining were designed specifically for Venom for best possible fit and finish. As Thunderbird gets huge front and smaller rear rim, the units used here measures equal and thus, brings back the commanding stance of this Royal Enfield. Those thicker forks from Thunderbird were retained for this perfect front attitude.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird Venom
Royal Enfield Thunderbird Venom by JEDI Customs

These rims are carrying base shade of black with chrome spoke wheels and standard sized Thunderbird disc brake at both ends. Fenders are chopped for typical high rider stance out of Venom. Going with the theme of matte black engine, all new exhaust unit with wrapped pipe feels at home on Thunderbird Venom. As Thunderbird is known for its comfortable seating, Venom leaves that fact behind for a single, horse saddle inspired thin seat with perfectly matched color contrast. Jedi Customs have used bar end rear view mirrors and LED front headlight for maximum practicality.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird comes with two engine options and shares almost every other part with each other. The 346cc, single cylinder engine is good for 19.8 BHP and 28 Nm while 499cc, single cylinder engine produces 27.2 BHP and 41.4 Nm of torque. The latter comes with fuel injection and costs much higher than Thunderbird 350. Both these engine are shared among other bikes like Classic and Bullet in the Indian lineup. The cost of this upgrade was not mentioned. White shade on Thunderbird Venom looks pure and will definitely attract eyeballs when riding in the Indian streets.

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