Harley-Davidson Street 750 Cafe Racer by Jedi Customs

Jedi Customs are back with this beautifully built Harley-Davidson Street 750, looking more like a cafe racer. This heavily customized Street 750 belongs to Sarthak Jadhav of Kohlapur. The high level of trust in Jedi Customs was kept alive through this beautiful transformation by the modifiers. They kept the engine in stock condition and hence, one could expect more thrill from the powerful motor with all-new position and premium components. The front headlight lost its cover but remained the stock Harley unit.

Looking slightly down, one will notice the use of premium USD forks that are much thicker than stock suspension and perfectly going well with its cafe racer personality. The tyre used here is almost double in thickness and hence, you get more ground clearance on this typical Street 750. Jedi Customs added another disc brake for effective braking on the motorcycle.

Curves from Street 750 were lost as a cafe racer design fuel tank was used in place of the huge Harley tank. Alloy wheels made way for the spoke rims while ribbed, brown finished seat raised the character further up by one level. Paioli dual shocks from RE Continental GT were used for better suspension promise on this Custom Harley.

This is what Jedi Customs has to say about their custom Street 750: “It is not often that you get to customize Harleys in India and let alone a person trusting you with a brand new piece straight from the showroom. Sarthak Jadhav from Kolhapur certainly had his trust in us and we would like to believe we did not disappoint him one bit. The inverted USD forks in the front give it a much needed beefy look and the double disc gives it the required braking. Headlight has been used as stock and clip-ons have been added to give it the cafe racer soul. Gas tank, seats and spoked rims give it an old school appeal while Paioli suspensions in the rear give it a slight modern touch. The big Harley engine does some justice to the cafe racer concept.”

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