Meet All-New Suzuki GSX-R150 Racing Edition with Akrapovic Exhaust

Suzuki fans are still waiting for the mighty GSX-R150 in India, getting no other option than Gixxer SF to fulfill their faired bike needs in the country. On the other hand, Decal46 from Vietnam recently modified the lightweight racer into an even more sharp machine than before. The design takes inspiration from the Ninja H2 at one point, leaving all other bits exclusive to the face kit used by the modifier. The front now comes with a unique fairing, dividing the headlight into two sections and creating an illusion of a center projector unit through the custom piece of the fairing.

Not just that, the sides now feature sharp extensions that cover some section of the headlight from the side view. The visor used here is more prominent, all thanks to the division of the wide headlight and black tint by the customizer. The indicators that were pointing out of the fairing are now beautifully studded on the same space, leaving no empty space on the side profile of the motorcycle. The entire body is finished in white and blue theme, with the front section carrying majority white finish with blue inserts and vice versa. The fender section on both ends stays black.

The motorcycle also comes with a custom Akrapovic exhaust that looks a lot better than the black unit seen on the stock GSX-R150. It can also be seen with a custom rear two-piece grab rail with the black finish. The disc brakes are still thinner than usual, especially the rear one that looks almost of the same size as chain sprocket. Decal46 is using carbon fiber finish on certain elements, adding more race-friendly feel to the bike at prominent positions. The engine used here is the same 147.3cc, single-cylinder unit, producing 18.90 BHP and 14 Nm of torque.

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Suzuki GSX-R150 Racing Edition Photos

Meet All-New Suzuki GSX-R150 Racing Edition with Akrapovic Exhaust
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