Top 10 Modified Yamaha RX100 Motorcycles in India – Must Check!

The 100cc Yamaha RX is considered a legendary product. Its lightweight body, high-performance 2-stroke engine and easy-riding nature make it one of the best bikes of its era. It is even one of the best options for motorcycle modification in India.

Yamaha discontinued the RX100 as it was a 2-stroke motorcycle and the new emission norms did not allow the brand to manufacture it anymore. After its discontinuation, the motorcycle now sells for around INR 20,000-80,000 depending upon the condition. Here are the top 10 best-ever modified Yamaha RX100s in India.

Top 10 Modified Yamaha RX100 Motorcycles

1) Yamaha RX 100 Gunmetal Grey Edition

This particular modified RX 100 features a completely restored body and certain aftermarket additions for added practicality and head-turning first look appeal. It is equipped with a dual projector headlight, multiple spoke chrome and black alloy wheels and an impressive belly pan with a raised design for impressive looks. The fuel tank flaunts a gunmetal grey shade with black pinstripes and Yamaha branding while the side panels carry RX100 branding over the same shade.

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2) Yamaha RX100 Cafe Racer

Yamaha RX100 Cafe Racer by Vedansh Automobile is the most impressive 1996 model seen on the Indian roads, especially for those who prefer dark custom themes over chrome-laden motorcycles.

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3) Yamaha RX 100 Sero

This typical modified RX 100 Sero by Jedi Customs is nothing less than a dream come true. RX 100 was undoubtedly a light motorcycle but here, it loses some more weight for the best-ever accelerating experience from a 100cc bike. Jedi Customs have used the best possible alternatives to the decade-old components on this RX 100 Sero.

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4) Perfectly Modified Yamaha RX 100

This beautifully restored 1998 Yamaha RX 100 is an example of unending love for retro bikes among Indian fans. Ravi Yamaha from Kanker (Chattisgarh) completed this job to make the RX 100 as original as it was two decades back. The restoration has been taken to another level by adding modern accessories like alloy wheels and a black exhaust that were missing in that era.

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5) Yamaha RX100 Super Scrambler

This custom-built Yamaha RX100 features a combination of 3 shades and is equipped with a long ribbed seat. The custom exhaust looks very neat while the raised front fender provides a dirt bike appeal to the motorcycle. The tyres of the bike are thick and carry chrome-finished spoke rims. The dual rear shock absorbers of the stock motorcycle have been replaced with a single thick monoshock unit.


6) Yamaha RX 100 Madras Cafe Racer

Nizcita, the Chennai-based modification agency built this beautiful cafe racer from a Yamaha RX100. This unique machine carries a golden engine as well as wheel elements while the underbody, seat and rear shocks have been finished in the red shade. A fully-customized fuel tank along with off-road tyres offer this modified RX 100 a unique look.


7) Neatly-Customized Yamaha RX 100

On this custom-made Yamaha RX 100, Ornithopter Moto Design has used thick 100/90-18 tyres at both ends for optimum grip and all-terrain capability. The headlight of the stock model of the bike has been replaced with a small round LED light enclosed in a black casing that matches with the overall matt black character of this typical RX 100.

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8) Modified Yamaha RX 100 Tracker

RTM Motorcycles, Secunderabad worked on this 2-stroke marvel and built a simply irresistible version of RX100. Chopped from the front and rear, this RX100 has been finished in the blue shade and features a fully-restored black-finished engine and custom-painted frame. The seat has also been shortened while a unique handlebar has been used with the instrument console placed on the extreme left side.


9) Modified Yamaha RX 100 by IRONic Engineering

This lovely RX100 has been custom finished in red and is equipped with an aerodynamic front headlight cover and side fairing. The ribbed seat has lost nearly everything below and behind its position. The spoked wheels are finished in black while the motorcycle’s design resembles a typical cafe racer from every possible angle.


10) Modified Yamaha RX 100 by RTM Design

Named as Dirt Tracker, this Yamaha RX 100 by RTM Design features an orange fuel tank, a single long rear suspension and off-road, thick tread tyres. The headlight guard, padded seat and custom handlebar make it fully off-road friendly and the bike is even equipped with a front disc brake.


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