Yamaha FZ Scrambler by The Hustler Moto

Hustler Moto’s FZ Scrambler is an amazing blend of performance centric motorcycling and unique design lines in a single package. Did I just said FZ? Yes, a 2014 Yamaha FZ under this Scrambler body simply means a lot to die hard motorcycle fans.

This offers them peace of mind for its reliable performance and comfort centric riding. Before they could start with this customization, every single part except engine and frame was removed to have a good view of Yamaha’s street specific masterpiece. Required alterations were made at this point as stock panels were not fitting the Scrambler profile.

They have used a Hero MotoCorp sourced fuel tank that may sound quite basic in design but fits perfect on its overall profile. Yamaha FZ comes with a huge tank and that may not have justified the lean and mean profile of FZ Scrambler. Both side panels were handmade and perfectly placed between frame of the motorcycle.

Everything ends into a smooth rear fender with Himalayan style feel due to similarly high placed parts. It comes with thick front and rear tyres for better ride height and safe maneuvering over rough surfaces. They have even customized the exhaust design for better visual feel.

Metallic Racing Blue paint job was selected for achieving unique road presence while Black stripes add attitude to this lean and performance friendly machine. They have chopped the front fender to get this beautifully designed front unit. Indicators, headlight and brake light are all aftermarket units on FZ Scrambler.

The front round headlight is pretty classy as it shares that same blue shade as entire visible parts of this motorcycle. Yamaha FZ Scrambler uses a 153cc, single cylinder engine with tuned carburetor and K&N filter for added fun. Stock bike is good for 13.8 BHP and 13.6 Nm of torque.

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Yamaha FZ Scrambler Video

FZ Scrambler | Main Highlights

  1. Sourced Fuel Tank from hero bike
  2. Increased height of front suspension
  3. Custom hand made two piece Side Panels
  4. Custom hand made front and rear fender
  5. Custom Made Ribbed Pattern Seat
  6. Custom made exhaust
  7. Aftermarket headlamp and brake light
  8. Aftermarket indicators
  9. Custom Metallic Racing Blue Paint Job
  10. Thicker dual purpose tyres at both ends

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Yamaha FZ Scrambler by The Hustler Moto
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