Yamaha RX135 Diablo Cafe Racer by Kirex Moto Customs

Meet Yamaha RX135 Diablo Cafe Racer: People in India have been going crazy over performance bikes ever since the glory days of the RX100, the RX135, and the RD350. They were discontinued in the country due to the emission norms that were levied in the country, and since the bikes featured 2-stroke engines, they are no longer in production.

However, it seems like people never got over the craze. Many are still hankering after the RX100, some modifying them to a completely new look. However, there is one RX135 that has managed to surpass the craze for its younger sibling. Pune based Kirex Moto Customs has given a Café Racer makeover to the RX135 and dubbed it the Diablo.

Yamaha RX135 Diablo Cafe Racer
Yamaha RX135 Diablo Cafe Racer by Kirex Moto Customs

Most of the parts, that have been fitted on the Diablo, are custom made while the headlamp has been retained from the stock version of the bike. The modified RX135 comes with telescopic front suspension and the one on the rear has been swapped for the gas-charged suspension from the Pulsar.

There are custom-made wheels both on the rear and the front with 36 spokes to maintain the stability of the bike at higher speeds. Other new parts include the handlebar and the fuel tank. The handlebar gives an impression that it is a removable part of the bike and the rear view mirrors have been moved to the ends of the handlebar, also lowering for a sporty rider stance. The turn signal indicators have been removed from the front end of the bike.

The Diablo also features a new instrument cluster, a single pod that contains the speedometer as well as the odometer instead of the stock version. The seat has also been changed for one with a cushioned backrest to help the riders during long journeys, along with custom rear seat foot pegs.

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The weight of the bike has also been reduced by removing all the unnecessary plastics on the bike as well as the oil tank. The oil is now mixed with the fuel just as it was done in the old-school bikes. The stock side panel under the seat has been replaced with a flat panel with race number.

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Yamaha RX135 Diablo Cafe Racer by Kirex Moto Customs
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