Meet Mind-Blowing Suzuki Swift Sport by Kuhl Racing

Suzuki Swift Sport has served as a base for some best-looking performance cars and this one from Japan is another example of a sporty low car with breathtaking visual enhancements. The car has been slammed to the maximum level as space between the wheel arches and tyres is next to zero on the car. The five-spoke wheels are huge in comparison to the car’s profile and believe it or not, the lowest possible profile of the tyres can be seen on the modified car.

Kuhl Racing, the brand behind this extensive modification, has used a quad exhaust setup for the car that sits within a custom-built rear bumper. The upper section stays in the same pearl white shade as the regular car while the lower black section creates a splitter-style feel for the car. The huge wing on the top creates an enormous amount of downforce and could help the modified Suzuki Swift Sport achieve better results on the track. The front of the car comes with slightly covered headlights for an aggressive front fascia.

The entire body is covered under a sporty kit as side comes with a complete skirting kit that leaves no ground clearance on offer for the car. The Japan-specific modified Swift could have ended its glory in India as large speed breakers would have pushed the tyre against the wall with ease. Slammed cars are very common in many countries while in India, the ban on modified vehicles has resulted in a drop in the number of customized cars and bikes in the country.

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The Swift Sport is powerful enough to generate 140 HP of power and 230 Nm of torque from its 1.4L petrol engine. The most happening car of all time has not been launched in India yet, and the chances of its launch are all-time low as Maruti Suzuki uses a smaller 1.0L BoosterJet petrol engine on its performance-spec hatchbacks in India.

Meet Mind-Blowing Suzuki Swift Sport by Kuhl Racing
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