Force Gurkha Modified to Look Like a Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Force Gurkha is once again back with the recent launch of its Xpedition and Xplorer Edition in India. When these things were not even known to anyone, team-bhp user Anil Vincent was busy modifying his newly acquired Gurkha into the classy Mercedes G-Wagen (G-Class). The story started when he convinced his brother to go for Gurkha and replace their gypsy with the same. After giving hundreds of reasons, the one that worked was that it was the closest looking product to the INR 2+ Crore performance off-roader.


Force Gurkha Modified to Look Like a Mercedes-Benz G-Class

They were ready to sacrifice their all new Gurkha and achieve the G-Wagon look by changing the front and rear lights, roof panel, wheel arches and many other minor details. They went Marvel Motors of Cochin and shared the details with Rameshan, the owner of the mod shop. He agreed and the work started with the removal of parts that were not matching the G-Wagon’s fascia. They worked closely by changing the parts and altering the upper grill and lights to get the desired front end.


Force Gurkha’s roof was the next big thing as once removed, it was hard to fit the same into the lowered space. For that, Rameshan modified the third pillar and bent it in such a way that the same roof fits perfectly on to the top. The rear was even given the same hard treatment for getting the desired output. The car was painted from Dragon Green to this lovely Dark shade from Audi. The final output is breath-stealing as the shade suits the personality of the modified Gurkha better than its stock shade.

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The final setup of grills and panels resulted in something that was Anil’s dream from a long time. The Gurkha character was cleverly hidden under the expressions of the newly built G-Wagon. The headlight, daytime running lights and rear view mirrors further enhances the presence of the car. The alloy wheels perfectly blend with the profile of Gurkha while these wider tyres look good through the extended wheel aches of the car. Congratulations to the owner and hats-off to the modifiers.

















Photos Source: TeamBHP