Honda City Modified to Look Like a Lamborghini Centenario

Honda City Modified Heavily to be a LamborghiniA modified Honda City can be spotted at multiple occasions in a single ride, carrying loads of added body parts like spoiler, side skirts, LED lights and much more in India.

It is a popular choice among performance lovers as engine used on City is quite good in terms of acceleration. Jaipur Jeep Lovers went off track from their name and converted this typical Honda City into a Lamborghini Centenario inspired sports car.

It took INR 7.5 lakh worth investment to convert this 2006 Honda City to a Lamborghini replica. Well, it seems like their work paid off well in the end.

Special features on the car includes electrical folding roof, height adjustable bumpers and side skirts, scissor doors and Lamborghini specific alloy wheels. Still, the car would have got bigger alloy wheels for this purpose as these tyres look puny in front of its overall profile.

No detail regarding performance update was given for this Lamborghini inspired Honda City. They have not even mentioned any exhaust upgrade that could make it sound like a Lamborghini. Using Fire Red shade helped them make this car more eye catchy than ever. A better set of LED lights could have been used here.

Honda City Modified
Honda City Modified to Looks Like a Lamborghini Centenario

2006 Honda City is powered by a humble 1.5L, four cylinder engine producing 100 BHP of maximum power. On the other hand, Centenario uses a powerful 6498cc, 12 cylinder engine producing 770 HP of maximum power. It comes with 4WD as standard and takes just 2.8 seconds to reach 100 kmph from standstill.

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Jaipur Jeep Lovers have designed the front bumper to look exactly the same as Centenario as thus, with switched off lights, it becomes hard for an amateur car lover to guess if the car is real or a replica. It must have been an interesting Honda to Lambo journey.

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