Meet Custom-Made Lamborghini Batmobile by Team Galag

Batmobile is every car enthusiasts dream, even though driving the same may not turn real for 99.9% of them. Well, apart from the bad consequences, living life in the age of technology has some serious benefits. The car seen here is the best ever Batmobile that one can drive like an ordinary car. However, entering the cockpit may not be easy for everyone. An extraordinary project from Team Galag, the car was part of the 2016 Gumball 3000 and it turn heads like a flesh magnet till date. Explaining the design part is pretty simple as every component is loud enough to be seen from a distance.

Imagine a hypercar cabin built from carbon fibre with SUV sized wheels and drivetrain sourced from a Lamborghini. The lights are heavenly placed as every red LED speaks of a futuristic pattern. Once the driver climbs into the cabin, the supercar steering and golden console accent welcome you with an attitude. The cabin closes and you can hear the supercar scream once the pedal is pressed hard. The tyres are fitted with a static rim that looks unique and futuristic on the Batmobile. The V10 engine sourced from Lamborghini Gallardo is good for 560 HP of maximum power.

The addition of weight to the Batmobile definitely affects the performance but believe it or not, road presence factor is higher than any regular supercar. The interior lighting is also red, including all lights fitted within the console and its needles. The external cameras on multiple sides create a game-inspired scenario for the driver. Even the bucket seats are fitted with matching red LED inserts. The static rims result in a floating visual once the car takes left or a right turn. The wheels measure 26-inch in diameter and offer Brembo’s exclusive 8-pot callipers at the front and 6-pot callipers at the rear.

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Lamborghini Batmobile Photos

Meet Custom-Made Lamborghini Batmobile by Team Galag
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