Madhuri Dixit’s Toyota Innova MPV Live Photos and Details

Back in 2020, DC Design redesigned the Bollywood Star Madhuri Dixit’s Toyota Innova Crysta to a whole new level. The customization offered by DC2 to the Innova Crysta shrieks of everything premium when it comes to the interiors. The brand has not yet disclosed what the exterior of the MPV looks like, though one can expect it to feature an almost identical look from the outside when compared to the standard version of the Innova Crysta.

Coming to the cabin design, the customization offered by DC2 has revamped every interior bit apart from some dashboard details. The MPV now features glossy wood panels at every side which have been taken all the way to the dashboard as well as the steering wheel.

The overall plush beige interior adds to the beauty of the 7-seater version of the MPV. The customizers have equipped the middle row with passenger seats with equally comfy leg rest and separated by a central console with storage spaces and multiple controls mounted on top. The middle-row seats have been further equipped with individual infotainment screens.

DC2 has equipped the MPV with ambient lighting while the roof has been imparted with star-like lighting that sets it apart from every other customization offered by Dilip Chhabria’s automotive design company. The roof is inspired by Rolls-Royce’s Starlight Headliner option and offers a unique look to the interior of the MPV.

Images Source: Facebook

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