Mahindra XUV500 ‘Mad Men’ by Motormind Automotive Designs

Mahindra XUV500 Mad Men accessories were recently revealed by Motormind Automotive Designs. The Bengaluru based customizer has priced the kit at INR 1.58 lakh while each of the accessory of the kit can even be purchased individually.

The price mentioned here is for the matte wrap while they even have a chrome wrap on offer. The accessories are body colored and will match to the shade selected for the exterior. The car remains mechanically the same as the stock version.


This typical kit adds aggression to the car, providing all-new front fascia with redesigned bumper that has LED daytime running lights, Black front custom grill, hood scoop and roof mounted dual LED lights.

The side profile now comes with Black alloy wheels while rear gets the option of spoiler, all new bumper and integrated diffuser. The side profile even comes with faux wheel arches for added bulk. XUV500 looks really good in this guise with dark theme all around its body.


The cost of Matte wrap is INR 70,000 while Chrome wrap takes the cost up to INR 1,60,000. The painting cost for complete kit is INR 22,000. The four wheel arches can be bought for INR 16,000 while the newly designed front bumper costs INR 25,000.

The upper Black grill costs INR 10,000 while rear bumper with twin exhaust outlet and integrated diffuser costs INR 25,000. The aggressive hood scoop costs INR 12,000 while the rear spoiler can be bought for INR 10,000.


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Motormind Automotive Designs

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