Maruti Suzuki 800 Hatchback Modified to Look Like a Gypsy SUV

Maruti 800 Hatchback Modified to Look Like a Maruti Gypsy: After the discontinuation of Maruti Gypsy in the Indian market two years ago, the craze for the car has been the same as the last. Recently, we spotted images of a modified Maruti 800 on the social media platform ‘Facebook’, where the entry-level hatchback has been heavily customized to look like a Gypsy.

There are no details attached to the project with these pictures, and we must mention that it looks oddly shaped. The modifier has tried really hard to give it a boxy design but the transformation looks a bit out of place since the old models of Gypsy and 800 were based on a completely different platform.

Maruti 800 Modified
Maruti 800 Hatchback Converted into a Maruti Gypsy SUV

The modified exterior design is much closer to the road with limited space as the ground clearance. The body shell of the modified Maruti 800 gets a boxy design and on a closer look, we came to a conclusion that the body panels have not been sourced from the Gypsy.

It seems like some local customization shop must have fabricated the body panels. The modifier has imparted a traditional Gypsy’s two-door design to this typical Maruti 800 and it also features a soft roof-top at the rear end which is made of waterproof fabric. We are not sure if there is any provision for rear occupants as we don’t have any interior images with us.

Maruti 800 Modified
Maruti 800 Hatchback Converted into a Maruti Gypsy SUV

The product is longer than the stock model of Maruti 800 and the modified car has been offered a boxier Gypsy-like front fascia. It has Gypsy’s traditional halogen headlamps along with a modified front grille and front bumper. The modifier also installed 5-spoke alloy wheels instead of standard steel rims.

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Disclaimer: As per a recent ruling by the Supreme Court, modifying a vehicle in India is illegal. If you do modify your bike/car, it needs to get certified by the RTO (Regional Transport Office).

Images Source: Facebook

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