Meet eAmby: The Electric Version of Hindustan Ambassador

One of the oldest custom automobile designers in India, DC Design has re-entered the Indian market with a new brand name – DC2. The design house registered under Dilip Chhabria has recently revealed a few images of a new concept car that is based on the very-famous Hindustan Ambassador. The images of the Ambassador EV concept by DC2 are bound to get major attention from the audience.

The digital rendering of the eAmby by DC2 is a combination of all the premium retro and modern bits that sets it apart from the other customizations done by the design house. The compact-sedan has been imparted a futuristic stance while the overall glossy black colour scheme adds to its exclusivity.

Hindustan Ambassador is one of the first India-made cars that features a rear-wheel-drive system. DC2 has offered the sedan with a large grille at the front mated to LED headlights while the overall front fascia has been imparted a premium look with the proper use of chrome finishing on the front grille.

The multi-spoke alloy wheels further enhance the overall unique beauty of the Ambassador EV while the addition of chrome detailing on the doors and the edges further adds to the charm.

The customizers at DC2 have offered the eAmby compact sedan a two-door outlook in the digital rendering but if the brand plans on revealing the production variant anytime soon, one can expect it to feature a standard four-door profile. The brand plans on equipping the electric car with four motors mounted on each wheel while the production variant can also feature only two motors, whatever justifies the sales with the audience.

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The car will be capable of sprinting from 0-60 kmph in just 4 seconds. In terms of dimensions, the DC2 eAmby electric sedan measures approximately 170mm more in length and 125mm more in width in comparison to the Hindustan Motors Ambassador. The recent reports suggest that DC2 plans to launch the eAmby in 2022.

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