Meet Ford Endeavour Gangster – Modification Cost Rs 8 Lakh

The Ford Endeavour has always remained one of the favourite SUVs for Indians. Though the SUV has been discontinued in our country, people still love it and also opt for the modification process to enhance its beauty by offering their chosen design and styling.

Being a modification-friendly vehicle, there are numerous aftermarket accessories available for the car in India. Today we also brought a Ford Endeavour, which is altered for Rs. 8 lakh and boasts true transformation.

A video of the transformed Endeavour has been uploaded by Arun Panwar. Let’s talk about the modifications made to the SUV. To start with, the front fascia now features a gloss black front grille. The stock headlights, as well as the stock bumper, are replaced with the aftermarket ones. It now sports tri-projector LED aftermarket headlamps and an off-road bumper from Hamer. On the off-road bumper, a set of imported auxiliary lights has been mounted.

Aside from that, the black rhino on the bonnet is one of the most attractive things in the car. The modifier has finished the SUV in a Satin Black Metallic Wrap to give it a macho look.

Nevertheless, the owner of the SUV mentioned that this is just project work and that the customisation process has not been completed yet. The suspension system and alloy wheels are also updated. The Endeavour now rides on all-black alloy wheels that are outfitted with off-road tyres. 

Turning to the rear profile, the stock bumper has been kept, but a metal tow bar with a tow hook has been added to it. The cabin of the car remains stock, but an instrument cluster found on international variants has been installed.

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Other changes to the interior include a new touchscreen infotainment theme and a boost gauge on the dashboard. The modification process has been done in such a neat way that the SUV truly has gangsta appeal. However, the owner stated that he will continue to change the interior.