Meet Mahindra Thar with a Sunroof, Leather Seats and an Angry Bird Grille

Car modification to enhance the styling as well as offering better performance is one of the most common things we come across over the internet. One such modified Mahindra Thar by Sikand Car, Ludhiana has left us mesmerised. The customizers have updated the last generation model of the Thar with an angry bird grille at the front that gives an aggressive stance to the SUV and on the same hand, the mechanical modifications have enhanced the overall performance.

The front profile of this modified Mahindra Thar features LED headlamps while the LED DRLs add to its exclusivity. The updated SUV features the Mahindra logo at the front that offers it that much-needed authenticity while the addition of larger off-road tyres gives it a more muscular look.

Video: Last-Gen Mahindra Thar SUV with Angry Bird Grille

The rugged appeal of the SUV is complemented by the addition of lighting elements at the front which have been synchronized with turn indicators. The modifiers have replaced the tarpaulin roof of the Mahindra Thar with a durable hard plastic unit that further features a generous sunroof in the centre. The LED setup at the rear adds to its superior stance and at the same time, the sturdy profile accentuates its rugged look.

One of the best features of the modified last-gen Mahindra Thar by Sikand Car is the replacement of standard cabin with plush leather seats. The leather detailing is further progressed to the roof as well. The door handles and the dashboard has been offered a faux wooden treatment that offers a premium look to the cabin.

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The modifiers have offered the SUV with multiple infotainment screens and an advanced audio system. The complete posh modification to the Mahindra Thar has been completed in 25 days while the customization has cost the owner a total of INR 5 lakhs (approximate).

Disclaimer: As per a recent ruling by the Supreme Court, modifying a vehicle in India is illegal. If you do modify your bike/car, it needs to get certified by the RTO (Regional Transport Office).