Modified 2016 Toyota Fortuner Lounge by DC Design

2016 Toyota Fortuner was already a star product before its launch. Toyota fans were waiting from a long time for this worthy update, which actually looks far more sophisticated that the older generation. The warm welcome for the car could only be judged from its 6200 bookings in just 3 weeks. The value will rise in the coming days as more cars are seen on the road and those who had minor confusions regarding its vast presence can feel the same around them. Toyota Fortuner surely overtook the charm of the new Endeavour in a few days.


DC Design has recently came up with a custom made 2016 Fortuner, leaving the stock version decades behind its ultra luxurious cabin and tough exterior look. The seven seat layout was replaced with 4 seat setup, dividing the driving row from the private jet styled seating rear seats. Those two at the end are placed in such a manner that they can go all the way down to make an effective place for a short nap. There is no lack of space on the front of these seats as the place which could hold 5 is now for 2 persons only.


Modified 2016 Toyota Fortuner Lounge by DC Design

The interior now gets a full sized LED TV, touch controller between the seat, expensive wood finish and a bit of chrome along with the customer’s favorite color combination. DC has added an even bolder front, side and rear cladding to the Fortuner, enhancing its already solid looking stance. The price for these modifications is not official while it could take anything between INR 5-10 lakh for the process. Customers can even ask for further refinement through their own dream of the ideal car interior.



Modified 2016 Toyota Fortuner Lounge by DC Design
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