HM Contessa Modified into a Muscle Car by Modsters Automotive

Modified Contessa Muscle Car by Modsters Automotive: Muscle car is a dream of almost every Indian car enthusiast. No matter whether you buy a brand new Mercedes S-Class or BMW 7-Series, if you love getting behind the wheel, nothing gets better than a muscle car. The roaring big engine beauties are all about raw power and drag races on almost every red light.

Indian launch of Ford Mustang was one big factor that fueled the flame but sparks were seen as early as the entry of HM Contessa in India. The sedan was based on almost five decade old design and thus, resembling a muscle car was obvious for that reason.

Modified Contessa
Modified Contessa Muscle Car by Modsters Automotive

Modsters Automotive took the charge of revisiting the roots of Contessa’s design and came back with this excellent car in return. The long bonnet is enough to scare the soul out of a tradition hatchback, further complemented with LED front lights and nonsense free hood design. Overkill was avoided through no extra scoops or a visible engine section on the Contessa.

The common man’s muscle car is not available in big numbers these days and many have been so falsely overdone that one would avoid looking at them at any cost. This one is a different story as choosing Reventon Matte Grey helped it gain a serious character.

Modified ContessaThe car comes with 18 inch alloy wheels that are wrapped around low profile tyres for that perfect muscle feel. The modification was commissioned under Project Greyhound and resulted in a perfectly summed up resultant. Contessa was offered with 2.0L diesel or 1.8L petrol motor at that time.

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As the engines on offer are quite like everyday car stuff, this Contessa would not be as good at numbers as it looks externally. The engine was offered with a 5-speed manual gearbox on both the fuel options.

Modified Contessa

Modified Contessa

Modified Contessa

Photos Source: Modsters Automotive