Ford Mondeo Modified into Dodge Challenger Muscle Car

Modified Ford Mondeo Muscle Car – JS Design from Delhi built this amazing Dodge Challenger look alike from a dated Ford Mondeo. Yes, it is hard to believe but this is a true report from their own website.

They not just worked on the visual front but also gave an engine revamp to the car. ECU of this Mondeo was remapped for better acceleration and overall increase in performance.

Front of the car comes with twin round headlights on both the sides, offering almost identical headlight setup to the stock Dodge Challenger. Bumper gets Blue highlights that match the overall dual tone theme seen through front grill and wing mirror holders.

Modified Ford Mondeo Muscle Car
Modified Ford Mondeo Muscle Car

The bonnet of original Ford Mondeo had certain slope angle when seen near the front grill while JS Design’s Challenger replica is totally inspired from the Dodge’s flat bonnet design.

It looks even better with these twin racing stripes on offer. The point where bonnet meets the grill looks neat and covers all four headlights in the same manner as stock Challenger.

Rear gets complete makeover with Dodge specific taillight that extends from one end to the other. Twin outlet exhaust looks puny on the overall profile of this Mondeo. Tyres on the replica use 5-spoke Black alloy wheels.

Modified Ford Mondeo Muscle Car
Modified Ford Mondeo Muscle Car Interior

Ford Mondeo was an impressive car of its time as it came with the best possible interior at that time. JS Design replaced Ford moniker with Dodge on the steering wheel and rest all was kept in stock condition.

Excluding the donor Mondeo, it takes almost INR 8.5 lakh for the overall revamp. You get eye popping and all those head turning moments for free with this package.

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The interior feels quite healthy and buyers would not even feel disappointed by getting seated on such lovely seats. As of now, Dodge currently has no official plans for the launch of Challenger in India.

Ford Mondeo Modified into Dodge Challenger Muscle Car
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