Modified Maruti Suzuki Swift (Mega Photo Gallery)

Modified Maruti Suzuki Swift Photo Gallery: Swift has been one of the most loved cars ever launched in India. People loved it so much that even dozens of new cars came every year after its launch but Swift easily sells more than 15,000 units a month in India.

Indian Swift has gone through a facelift @ Auto Expo 2018. Here are the most effectively modified Maruti Suzuki Swift from around the country. Some of the modified cars are even from other markets where the 2-door Sport version of the car is being sold.

Modified Maruti Suzuki Swift (Photo Gallery)

# Swift Frunge by Ferrite Motors

This typical Swift looks really different from the stock design, carrying future design elements at both front and back of the car. The side profile makes it easy to guess the name of the car.

Maruti Swift by Ferrite Motors

Maruti Swift by Ferrite MotorsPhotos Source

# Maruti Swift by JBL

Nothing less than heaven for those who love sound, JBL has fully customized the exterior and interior of the car to match the crazy sound theme of the car.

Maruti Swift by JBL

Maruti Swift by JBL

Maruti Swift by JBL

Maruti Swift by JBL

Maruti Swift by JBL

Maruti Swift by JBL

Maruti Swift by JBL

Photos Source

# Swift S-Concept

Although it was a concept back in 2011, the car could be finished with the same exterior in the current year and it won’t even look old at all. The neat additions include large alloy wheels, dual exhaust and rear spoiler. This one is based on the 2-Door Swift available outside India.

Suzuki Swift S-ConceptSuzuki Swift S-Concept

Photos Source

# Maruti Swift Volt

The Swift Volt concept was showcased at 2014 Auto Expo. It carried a smart Black and White paint job while its rear was finished in Red and carried a race inspired Spoiler. The body kit made it one of the best modified Swift ever.

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Maruti Swift Volt

Maruti Swift Volt

Maruti Swift VoltMaruti Swift Volt

Photos Source

Apart from these typically named concepts, Swift has been modified by many fans personally. Ranging from custom LED lights to large alloy wheels, some have even gone to the other level by fitting custom front designs and scissor doors.

















Source: Autopsyche

Custom Maruti Swift

Official Maruti Suzuki Special Editions


Maruti Swift RS


Maruti Swift Glory1472544819_maruti-suzuki-swift

Maruti Swift Decamaruti-swift-windsong-1_678x352_41422347279

Maruti Swift Windsong


Maruti Swift Glam

Modified Maruti Suzuki Swift (Mega Photo Gallery)
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