Suzuki Jimny G-Mini Edition Officially Unveiled by Liberty Walk (Japan)

Suzuki Jimny raised eyebrows with its impressive design and a long list of rough road-friendly features. This specific example from Liberty Walk makes the fact sure that those who were earlier left unimpressed will smile this time. Suzuki G-Mini, as the modifiers have named this product, is a perfect example of G-Wagon inspired SUV in a compact package. Liberty Walk is using a similar front bumper with familiar front grill, typical round headlights with square panels, integrated indicators and raised overall looks. The bonnet seen here is black with carbon fiber finish and multiple scoops and air intakes like a performance car.

Most probably, the engine under the hood is still the same 1.5L engine. When looking at the side profile, G-Mini features extended fenders to host huge black alloy wheels with a decent amount of sidewall. The roof section comes with a black finish while same is seen on the outside rear-view mirrors. The wheels used on Liberty Walk G-Mini are massive in comparison to the overall car size. Suzuki Jimny is a compact car and implementing every style icon from the G-Wagon has helped this typical version claim a bolder stance than the stock version with puny components.

Suzuki Jimny G-Mini Edition
Suzuki Jimny G-Mini Edition

Jimny is available in two different models, one of which carries an even smaller engine. Buyers of the new Jimny are offered with 4×4 and two gearbox options. The most recent upgrade to the car has helped it achieve a sophisticated interior finish, offering a decent touchscreen entertainment and sporty steering wheel. The 658cc engine in standard Jimny is good for just 64PS and 96Nm while Sierra version comes with 1460cc engine producing 102PS and 130Nm of torque. Liberty Walk is yet to unveil the complete photo gallery for this car. The range starts at INR 9 lakh (converted value, approx) and goes up to INR 11.40 lakh.

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