Why is FASTag the Perfect Solution for a Long Trip Through the Highways?

A long trip via roads with friends or family members simply means a lot of fun. It is that part of your life where you want to lose your work-related stress for the time being and live freely when you hit the open roads. Of course, you want to plan your road trip and do a lot of groundwork before you start the journey. Alongside, you might have several things in mind, be it – ‘What’s the best route I should choose,’ ‘what are the road conditions’ and similar others.

However, there is one thing you cannot miss when planning to travel through the highways in India – pay for the toll charges. There are toll plazas in the middle of the highways to make you stop your car and pay the toll tax.

You might have wondered if technology can play a role in making these stoppages go away. Much to your surprise, this has happened to a good extent in the form of FASTag.

Yes, you heard it right.

FASTag is an advanced RFID-based tag that comes with various features and benefits. How can it make your road trip hassle-free? Read more here:

Why FASTag is the Perfect Solution for a Long Trip
Here’s Why FASTag is the Perfect Solution for a Long Trip Through the Highways

FASTag – Making Way for Wonderful Long Trips

Although there are several different features and benefits of FASTag, let’s start with the ones that can add convenience to your plan of a long road trip:

1. You Need Not Stop at Toll Plaza

Reaching a toll plaza on a highway only to find a long queue of other vehicles standing in front of you feels frustrating. You can’t help but continue to take your car forward in a tortoise pace until you reach the toll plaza, pay the tax and continue your journey. In worst-case scenarios, passing across these hindrances while travelling on a highway can take a few hours, making you lose the zeal and fun in the midway.

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The best part – you can avoid a feature-rich FASTag fixed to the windscreen of your car. Once you reach the toll, the sensors attached to the plaza will detect your vehicle and deduct the toll amount from the linked account automatically.

Simply put, FASTag equals a bundle of benefits for your long road trips.

2. You Can Easily Buy and Recharge It Online

You might be wondering – ‘Do you need to stand in a long queue to buy FASTag that comes with so many features and benefits?’

Things were like that in India for quite a long time in the past. People use to rush towards the latest technology launched with wonderful features. However, with the advent of digitalization, the time has changed. Similar is the case with highly beneficial FASTag.

The government has partnered with several banks to make it easier for you to buy FASTag and avail its benefits. For instance, you can choose the Axis Bank to buy FASTag online and start using it instantly.

3. No Need to Carry Cash

Need to buy a product worth INR 10 while having INR 2000 note with you? It’s a typical scene you must have witnessed and gone through in India. No local shopkeeper would readily agree to make such a transaction in cash.

Imagine if this happens when you reach a toll plaza to pay the tax in cash. Just like any other shopkeeper, you would face hassles at the toll too. You can avoid situations like this with a FASTag.

One of the most significant benefits of using FASTag is that you need not worry if you do not have the required cash in small denominations for toll payments. Maintain the required balance in your customer account linked with FASTag, and you can keep these travel-related hassles at bay.

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A long road trip means a break from work and life-related chaos. You want to enjoy it to the fullest every time you plan to race with the winds when driving your car on the highways. The benefits and features of FASTag will ensure you have only the good memories of the trip left to remember, not the hassles.

From Dec 1, 2019, it will become mandatory for all four-wheeler vehicles to use FASTag for toll payments. Don’t wait till the last moment. Buy FASTag now!

Why is FASTag the Perfect Solution for a Long Trip Through the Highways?
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