Fuel Prices Hiked Again! Petrol Touches Rs 84.40/Litre in Mumbai & Diesel is Rs 73.72/Litre in Hyderabad

Latest Petrol & Diesel Price List:  Fuel prices in India jumped another all-time high figure today, claiming INR 76.57 for one-liter petrol and INR 67.82 for a liter of diesel in Delhi. If you are a resident of Mumbai, things are even worse with INR 84.40 for a liter of petrol and INR 72.21 for diesel. This is the highest price ever recorded for both these fuels.

Last few days witnessed huge additions to this price as oil companies were holding prices and pushing losses on themselves during Karnataka elections. The prediction for fuel pricing claims that it will still go up by an equal margin to last five days due to rising cost.

Every city has a different price tag for petrol and diesel. The price includes huge amounts of state-levied taxes and thus, almost doubles up due to the additions. Govt is planning to push the same under GST but that could result in huge revenue loss for them. It seems like high prices of fuel will push the price of every commodity up by a considerable margin.

Fuel Price List (Metro Cities)

As on May 21, 2018

City Petrol/Ltr Diesel/Ltr
Delhi INR 76.57 INR 67.82
Kolkata (West Bengal) INR 79.24 INR 70.37
Mumbai (Maharashtra) INR 84.40 INR 72.21
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) INR 79.47 INR 71.59

Latest Petrol & Diesel Price List

City (State) Petrol/Ltr Diesel/Ltr
Agartala (Tripura) INR 72.31 INR 65.92
Aizawl (Mizoram) INR 72.44 INR 65.12
Ambala (Haryana) INR 76.68 INR 68.33
Bangalore (Karnataka) INR 77.81 INR 68.98
Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) INR 82.17 INR 71.38
Bhubaneswar (Odisha) INR 75.39 INR 72.70
Chandigarh INR 73.64 INR 65.86
Daman (Daman & Diu) INR 74.41 INR 68.57
Dehradun (Uttarakhand) INR 77.87 INR 68.15
Gandhinagar (Gujarat) INR 75.88 INR 72.89
Gangtok (Sikkim) INR 79.60 INR 69.55
Guwahati (Assam) INR 78.72 INR 70.79
Hyderabad (Telangana) INR 81.11 INR 73.72
Imphal (Manipur) INR 74.65 INR 65.89
Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh) INR 72.45 INR 65.10
Jaipur (Rajasthan) INR 79.32 INR 72.23
Jammu (J&K) INR 78.29 INR 68.99
Jalandhar (Punjab) INR 81.83 INR 67.78
Kohima (Nagaland) INR 75.03 INR 66.18
Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) INR 77.36 INR 67.97
Panjim (Goa) INR 70.56 INR 69.02
Patna (Bihar) INR 82.05 INR 72.50
Pondicherry INR 75.36 INR 70.06
Port Blair (Andaman & Nicobar) INR 66.01 INR 63.58
Raipur (Chhattisgarh) INR 76.97 INR 73.22
Ranchi (Jharkhand) INR 76.52 INR 71.61
Silvassa (Dadra & Nagar Haveli) INR 74.48 INR 68.64
Shillong (Meghalaya) INR 75.95 INR 67.62
Shimla (Himachal Pradesh) INR 76.74 INR 67.46
Srinagar (J&K) INR 80.99 INR 71.21
Trivandrum (Kerela) INR 80.69 INR 73.61
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Fuel Prices Hiked Again! Petrol Touches Rs 84.40/Litre in Mumbai & Diesel is Rs 73.72/Litre in Hyderabad
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