Longest Bike Wheelie Record Created by Rohitesh (Without Using Hands)

Longest Bike Wheelie Record Created (Without Using Hands): As the world faces the wrath of coronavirus, the gloomy atmosphere has thereby resulted in some shattered automotive fans that were waiting for the Motorsports world to reveal something out of the box. Though for boosting up the spirits, an interesting automotive news has surfaced online. An Indian freestyle sportbike rider by the name Rohitesh Upadhyay has been able to score himself two world records in the “freestyle sports bike riding” commonly known across the world as “motorcycle stunting”.

Longest Bike Wheelie Record
Longest Bike Wheelie Record Created by Rohitesh (Without Using Hands)

Rohitesh has represented India on a world stage level and has been showing great talent in Motorsports from the past 10 years. The 25-year-old lad from Udaipur, Rajasthan has participated in more than 103 Motorsports shows across the country as well as other Asian markets. Rohitesh currently works for an electric motorcycle brand and has also worked as a factory rider for TVS back in the day.

Rohitesh has been capable of registering a world record that is now affiliated by International Book of World Records as well as Golden Book of World Records for his signature trick that is the “No hands straight line wheelie”. He has been able to perform the trick for 125.7 meters straight at an event organised back on September 29, 2019, in Mehsana, Gujarat.

Longest Bike Wheelie Record Video

The Udaipur world record holder further believes in giving his whole to pursue his passion and has lined up many more events like these in the future. Rohitesh completed the “no hands straight line wheelie” on his TVS Apache RTR in 20.4 seconds. The motorcycle that was used in the stunt was a stock motorcycle that has not been imparted any modification. Apart from this, the stunt was performed keeping in mind the safety aspects of the rider. The event area was specifically chosen away from the public places while the safety parameters were kept at a high priority.

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