Mumbai Resident Nitin Nair Fined INR 1500 for Giving a Lift to Unknown People

Most of us have encountered a situation where giving lift to a person seems like a noble gesture but for Nitin Nair, the situation turned different with Mumbai Police issuing a fine of INR 1500. This happened because offering ride to an unknown person is illegal in India and those participating in this practice can be fined by the police.

When it was raining heavily on the morning of June 18, Nitin saw some IT professionals in need of a vehicle. He was aware of that company and thought of giving lift to them could save them some hassle in this odd weather. Even the destination was in his way.

Out of all of them, Nitin claims that one was even a senior citizen. As soon as everyone entered the car and were ready to leave, a traffic police officer came to him and termed this act illegal. No vehicle with a white number plate is allowed to carry unknown people in India and thus, his warm gesture of help turned into something wrong for himself.

Mumbai Resident Nitin Nair Fined
Mumbai Resident Nitin Nair Fined INR 1500 for Giving a Lift to Unknown People

The officer confiscated Nitin’s license and issued a challan on his name. The officer asked him to reach the nearest police station to pay his fine. He didn’t even care to ask the passengers if they were being charged for this ride or not.

After reaching the police station next day, he understood that section 66/192, under which giving lift to an unknown person is an offense, was charged on him. He had to appear for a court session on June 22 and after paying INR 1500 as fine, he was directed to collect his driving license.

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Well, this was a shocking incident where a person who had no intentions of charging someone illegally went into a deep trouble. As this law persists in our country, it is advised to all our readers to see if the circumstances are avoidable to keep yourself away from legal hassles.

Source: Nitin Nair (Facebook)

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