2019 Navratri Wishes, Images, SMS, Messages, Greetings [UPDATED]

Navratri is the festival celebrated all over India in different forms where people exchange Navratri wishes with each other either personally or through social media and this year it marks its beginning from the 29th September 2019 till 7th October 2019. ‘Navratri’ meaning Nine Nights is a Hindu festival celebrated in the post-monsoon autumn season. Here is the best collection of Navratri wishes and images to share with your friends and family members.

2019 Navratri Wishes & SMS

It’s an auspicious day of Navratri, make a wish and it shall come true, do good deeds and forget the rest, Maa is constantly watching on you. Happy Navratri 2019!

It’s the special time of Navratri and I don’t want to miss a chance to say, you mean to me more than you, Enjoy your Navratri today!

Joy, health and a lot of charm, success, status and no harm, these are my special wishes to you, may each day of Navratri being something new, Happy Navratri 2019!

Those empty spaces were my silent prayers, asking Maa Durga to guide and protect YOU always in whatever YOU do and wherever YOU are! Happy Navratri and Durga Puja 🙂

Memories of moments celebrated together, moments that have been attached in my heart forever, make me miss you, even more, this Navratri. Hope this Navratri brings in good fortune. Happy Navratri!

May this Navratri bring happiness in your life. Hatred is far apart from your life. Enjoy the festival with love on your heart. Those who have learned to respect and not to greed will be fortunate. I know you are always respectful and so you are among the fortunate! Happy Navratri 2019!

This Navratri, may you be blessed with good fortune as long as Ganeshji’s trunk, wealth and prosperity as big as his stomach, happiness as sweet as his laddoos and may your trouble be as small as his mouse. Happy Navratri!

Feast and have fun, the dandiya raas has begun, Maa is blessing us through, a very Happy Navratri to you!

Lal rang k chunri se saja ma ka darbar, Harshit hua sansar, Nanhe-namhe kadmo se, Maa aaye aapke dwar, Mubarak ho aapko, Navratri ka tyohar! JAI MATA DI!

Jitne bhi hai jaha pe, unhi ke lal hai sare, unke hi isaro pe chalte, ye chand aur tare. Pal bhar ke liye hi sahi, maa ko yaad kijiye, hogi puri tamna jara phariyad kijiye. Happy Navratri!

I pray to maa Durga to give you all – SHANTI, SHAKTI, SAMPATTI, SWARUP, SADGI, SANYAM, SAMMAN, SARASWATI aur SNEH… Navratri ki Subhkamnayen.

Memories of Moments Celebrated Together, Moments That Have Been Attached In My Heart Forever, Make Me Miss You, Even More, This Navratri.

Hope This Navratri Brings In Good Fortune and Long-Lasting Happiness for You! Happy Navratri 2019!

Choti Si Zindagi Mein Fikar Bahut Hai, Maar Dalti Ye Duniya KabKa Hamein, Lekin.. Durga Maa Ke Aashirwad Mein Asar Bahut Hai.!! Happy Navratri!

May This Navratri be as bright as ever. May this Navratri bring joy, health and wealth to you. May the festival of lights brighten up you and your near and dear ones lives. Happy Navratri!

May Maa Durga empower you & your family with her Nine Swaroopa of Name, Fame, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Humanity, Education, Bhakti & Shakti. HAPPY NAVRATRI 2019!

Meri Hasi ka Hisab kaun karega, Meri Galti ko Maaf kaun karega, Ae Maa mere sabhi Dosto ko Salamat rakhna, Warna Navratri me “Lungi” Dance kaun karega…!!!

This Navratri, may you be blessed with good fortune. As long as Ganeshji’s trunk, Wealth and prosperity as big as his stomach, Happiness as sweet as his laddoos. And may your trouble be as small as his mouse. Happy Navratri!

Nine NAVRATRI prasads 4 You, 1) Shanti 2) Shakti 3) Saiyam 4) Sanmaan 5) Saralta 6) Safalta 7) Samridhi 8) Sanskaar 9) Swaasthya …HAPPY Navratri!

Aa Gai, Hokar Singh Par Sawar Mata, Rani Aa Gai, Hogi Ab Mann Ki Har Muraad Puri…Harne Ab Saare Dukh Mata Dware Aa Gai. Happy Navratri.

Devi ke kadam aapke ghar me aayen, aap khushali se nahayen, pareshaniya aapse aankhen churayen, NAVRATRI ki aapko shubh kamnayen. JAI MATA DI

Maa Durga he To Hai Daya Ki devi, Unke Hathon Mein Hai Sara Sansar, Dilse Karo Unki Vandana, To Ho Jaye Beda Paar.

This Navratri may there only be happiness in your life. Wishing you all a very happy Navratri!

2019 Navratri Images & Greetings

What is Navratri?

Navratri is a much-awaited festival across the country. It is celebrated in different forms, with varied names, in numerous culture and in a number of different ways. It is one of those festivals that bridges the discrete cultures that reside in the country and coheres them.

In the north-eastern and eastern parts of India, Durga Puja is synonymous with Navratri on the other hand in the northern and western parts of India, the festival is synonymous with Ram Lila and Dussehra. With the introduction of smartphones, WhatsApp, and Facebook, people like to greet each through Navratri wishes, greetings, and images.

Behind the different forms of celebration, there are different tales behind these. Durga Puja signifies the battle of Devi Durga with the buffalo demon Mahishasur in which she emerges victorious. Ram Lila signifies the tale of Lord Ram and his battle with Ravana. In both cases, the festival mainly marks the victory of good over evil.

In the eastern region, the celebration of Durga Puja includes decoration of the stage, placing of the idol of Durga, dressing up performing, reciting the legends and the Hindu script. Similarly, in Ram Lila people perform the legend of Lord Ram and Ravana. Attractive Navratri images and greetings depicting the same are also circulated through social media to wish the distant relatives.

Interesting Facts About Navratri

  • In a year there are five Navratri whereas the Sharad Navratri is the most significant.
  • The Garba and Dandiya performed during Navratri in which the dancers move in a circle. This circle signifies the circle starting from birth to death.
  • In Banglore, on the ninth day of Navratri, it is a common site where people worship the things by which they earn their livelihood, hence we also see people worshipping computers, CDs and computer books.
  • Tales also say that Lord Ram worshipped Goddess Durga for nine days, hence he was able to kill Ravana.
  • For nine nights, nine different forms of Durga are worshipped.
  • In West Bengal, to mark the end of Mahishasur, a buffalo is slaughtered as a ritual.
  • In Karnataka, the tenth day after the Navratri is celebrated as Dasara or the Royal Festival.
  • The festival is also a major crop season event.

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