Indian Government Planning to Make Nitrogen-Filled Tyres Compulsory

Government Planning to Make Nitrogen-Filled Tyres Mandatory: According to the ongoing Parliament session, the Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari has suggested new regulations for the tyre manufacturers of the country that will eventually help deal with the increasing accident rates as well as ensure more safety on the roads.

Improving tyre quality by mixing Silicon with rubber and filling them with nitrogen air to help maintain the tyre pressure better in adverse road and weather conditions is one of the upcoming regulations of the Indian government. The nitrogen-filled tyres can reduce the chances of tyre bursting when it comes to excessive heat conditions and ultimately avoid a large number of road accidents caused due to the same.

Nitrogen-filled tyres allow them to reduce their running temperature while not reacting with the rim and tyre material. The adequate tyre pressure allows the vehicles to improve their fuel economy in addition to reducing the carbon footprint. Though considering it as one of the possible and necessary solutions, the cost required to fill the tyres with nitrogen does exceed the budget.

Commenting on the use of silicon in the tyres as well as filling them with nitrogen air, Nitin Gadraki stated: “We are considering making it mandatory for tyre manufacturers to mix Silicon with rubber in tyres and fill them with nitrogen instead of normal air.”

The government of India is radically working towards increasing the vehicle safety standards in India considering the increasing number of accident rates. According to the new government regulations, the automobile manufacturers have to offer mandatory safety kits with the vehicles that include airbags, rear parking sensors, high-speed alert system, and front seat belt reminder as standard.

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In addition to this, they have also made ABS mandatory in the vehicles above the 125cc in order to ensure better safety on the roads while braking. According to the reports, keeping in mind the pedestrian safety, the vehicle manufacturer will have to undertake the mandatory crash test which will be in effect from October 1, 2019.

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Indian Government Planning to Make Nitrogen-Filled Tyres Compulsory
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