Indian Government Working on Online Vehicle Registration System

Online Vehicle Registration System in the Works: The Indian government is planning to cut down the hassle of registration of a new vehicle by the buyer at the dealership. Buyers have to pay a considerably higher amount to the dealerships in order to get their vehicle registered from the local Regional Transport Office (RTO). The dealer tends to charge higher than the authorised amount in a number of different ways for the services they provide you.

The traditional method of registering a vehicle is about to change as the Indian government is reportedly working on an online vehicle registration system, cutting down the dealer’s interference in the process.

About the details of this new trend, the Minister of Road Transport and Highway, Nitin Gadkari opened up and told that customers will have to access an online portal and after login, providing the necessary details, they will be able to register their new vehicle.

He emphasised that this new method will help customers escape those extra charges that they have to pay for the dealer’s services. Although a bugging fact exists in this that an amount will be charged from the dealer that will be payable to the RTO.

Online Vehicle Registration System
Indian Government Working on Online Vehicle Registration System

Mr Nitin Gadkari in a statement told – “The law states that when you have purchased a new vehicle you have to take that vehicle to the RTO Office for the registration. We have made a change in that. Registration authority will be the state government which is the RTO but the consumers can register the vehicle online, you don’t have to take the vehicle to the RTO. The consumer can save the fee charged by the dealer who used to register the vehicle on your behalf. The dealer will deposit the money with the state government.”

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Government is making various efforts to ensure the welfare of people by making a number of amendments in the existing laws. One of the recent amendments was witnessed in the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act 2019 where fines have been revised to increase the strictness regarding traffic rules.

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Indian Government Working on Online Vehicle Registration System
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