Meet Soumita Roy Choudhury: The 1st Indian Woman to Ride to Bhutan on a Vespa Scooter

Soumita Roy Choudhury became the first Indian woman to ride from India to Bhutan on a Vespa scooter. Personally, it must have been a great experience as what you see on a two wheeler is not possible when you are driving something with four wheels.

She managed to balance her love for riding and travelling through her Vespa, travelling to an all-new place, riding solo on that little scooter. She has ridden many bikes that belong to her friends but wished something less complicated for her own journey. The Vespa matched her style and proved worthy for every moment of her adventure.

Soumita Roy Choudhury Bhutan Vespa
Meet Soumita Roy Choudhury: The 1st Indian Woman to Ride to Bhutan on a Vespa Scooter

As she describes, the structure of Vespa is quite solid and engine further helps the rider stay focused on road with enough power to steer through every obstacle.

She has even read many stories of riders doing long highway runs on Vespa and that helped her finalize the ride machine. She travelled through flood affected roads of West Bengal and covered almost 2000 kilometers in this journey.

Refuelling was never a problem as she met a petrol pump every 100 kilometers on the journey. The group was riding on four vehicles and even travelled some of the distance at night.

Roads of Bhutan are almost empty after 8 PM. With her belief that she can win over all odd situations, travelling to Bhutan was one of the most important thing she ever did. It took her 11 days to complete the round trip from Kolkata.

The trip was all personally funded. Soumita feels that riding in group helped her gain the required confidence as her friends never let her feel uneasy during the ride.

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The pictures from her trip are seriously mesmerizing as you can see the natural beauty at its best in these pictures. Her future plans for Leh or Spiti rides are still on the charts.

Photos Source: Soumita Roy Choudhury

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