Video: Dubai Police Force Starts Testing Hoverbikes

Dubai Police has gone one step ahead of the others, ordering hoverbikes and training their officers to handle the same on public roads for improved patrolling. California based, Russian origin brand Hoversurf is making the vehicles on order that requires no pilot license to operate. Hoverbike S3 can fly 16-feet high from the ground and touching 97 kph is a reality on the 115 kg vehicle. It comes with a hybrid battery (12.3 kWh) that is made out of Nickel, Manganese, and Lithium. Depending on the weather and rider’s dynamics, the S3 is good for up to 25 minutes of use in general.

Hoverbike S3 is made out of carbon fiber, saving a lot of weight and improving efficiency in every way. The drone mode, where no rider is required for the operation, can further increase the use time to 40 minutes. The use of heavy duty propellers, one at each end, helps the Hoverbike S3 stay airborne for such a long time. Dubai Police has named the fleet Scorpion, training officers in two different batches to learn each and every aspect of the product before going live in 2020. The plans are limited to areas where reaching through road becomes hard in certain situations currently.

Anyone can order the same Hoverbike S3 with a price tag of $1,50,000 (INR 1.10 Crore approx) as an early deposit for placing the order is $10,000 (INR 7.35 lakh approx). The value does not include any import tax and Hoverbike S3 will not be road legal in India for sure. Before selling a product, the brand makes sure if the buyer can handle the same or not. The four propellers are dangerous for the public as they are nothing less than high-speed rotating blades without any cover on the external side.

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Video: Dubai Police Force Starts Testing Hoverbikes

Video: Dubai Police Force Starts Testing Hoverbikes
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