2022 Maha Navami Wishes, HD Images, Greetings And Messages

With the festive season on, the season of cold is also on the shore; and we are all going towards the colder days of the year in India!

Now, there is a series of back-to-back events which are there, especially with the Navratri weather on the card. It will end with the auspicious occasion of Dussehra, and so Maha Navami will come in between. It will lead all the way to the uphill mega-festival of Diwali.

The Maha Navami occurrence is also well-called by the name ‘Navami’. It is a very important festival that denotes the end of Navratri’s nine days of celebration. Navratri is generally dedicated to the follow-up of nine days of fasting. Here, lots of prayers are offered to Lord Durga and her nine powerful incarnations or avatars.

Maha Navami Festival’s Date For The Year 2022

The Maha Navami festival is overjoyed and celebrated on the underlining ‘navam’ day of the Navaratri. It means that there is festivity in the air on the 9th day of the Shukla Paksha in an Indian month which is called ‘Ashwina’. In fact, the last day of Sharad Navratri is denoted as Maha Navami of Durga Navami.

However, as per the English calendar, Maha Navami falls in the months of the winter season in India. These are called the times of September or October. This year, in 2022, the important shubh muhurat date of Maha Navami is 4th October 2022.

People have made plans to celebrate this wonderful day. There are going to be fairs and festive events all across India and parts of the globe where people enjoy this occurrence.

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2022 Maha Navami Wishes (Best Collection)

  1. May The Festival Of Mahanavmi Be The Harbinger Of Joy And Prosperity. As The Holy Occasion Of Maha Navami Is Here And The Atmosphere is Filled With The Spirit Of Mirth And Love. Hoping This Festival Will Bring Peace N Prosperity For Everyone. Happy Navratri ‘N’ Maha Navami 2022!
  2. On this auspicious day of Maha Navami, I wish you endless opportunities and tremendous success in life. Mahanavami wishes to you.
  3. May all your desires be fulfilled…. May all your sufferings be erased…. May all of your aspirations come true…. I wish you a very Happy Maha Navami 2022.
  4. Happy Maha Navami to you and your family… I pray Durga Maa to shower you with pleasure, kindness, and good fortune throughout your life.
  5. Wishing you lively and energetic Durga Puja Maha Navami festivities full of pleasure, wealth, and success… Have a wonderful day with your loved ones!!!
  6. May this festival flood your life with the colours of joy and prosperity, bringing you and your loved ones delight. May Maa Durga’s heavenly blessings remain with you always.
  7. May this Navratri bring you joy. May hatred be eliminated from your life. Happy Maha Navami 2022!
  8. Thank you, Maa Durga, for blessing us with the strength to keep fast and do pooja during the Navratras. Happy Maha Navami to everyone!
  9. Life has ups and downs, Some days might be rough, But Maa Durga will give you the courage, And the ability to be tough. Have a Happy Maha Navami!
  10. With goddess Durga showering her grace and blessings to fill our home and hearts with it, may this Navaratri be extra special, to share this moment with the world! Wish you a Happy Maha Navami.
  11. Thank you Maa Durga for blessing us with the strength to perform fasts and pooja throughout Navratri. Happy Maha Navmi!
  12. Maha Navami wishes you and your family. May the almighty bless you with good health and success. Happy Maha Navami!
  13. On this special occasion, I pray that the blessings of Goddess Durga be with you and that your life is filled with happiness, peace, and prosperity. Happy Maha Navami!
  14. Blissful and joyous Shubho Maha Navami greetings to all the loved ones.
  15. Let the festive spirit embrace you and your dear ones on this special occasion. Wishing you and your family a happy Maha Navami!
  16. May the blessing of Maa Durga guide you on the right path and help you in all your endeavours. Warm wishes of Maha Navami to all!
  17. May this auspicious day bring you success and happiness. Wish you a very happy Maha Navami.
  18. May this auspicious occasion of Maha Navami bring a lot of positivity, peace, and harmony to your life. Happy Maha Navami 2022!
  19. May the Goddess give you the power and strength to take on life’s battles with ease. Happy Maha Navmi!
  20. On this auspicious occasion of Durga Navami, we wish you to be blessed with prosperity and success. Happy Maha Navmi!
  21. Let all your wishes come true with Maa Durga’s blessings. Happy Maha Navmi!
  22. May Durga Maa shower you with success and prosperity. Happy Maha Navmi!
  23. Let all evils vanish from your life. Happy Maha Navmi!
  24. May the air you breathe be filled with laughter and love. May this Maha Navami brings you happiness and prosperity. Happy Durga Navami, everyone!
  25. There will be ups and downs in life, and some days will be difficult, but Maa Durga will give you the strength and the ability to persevere. Wishing you a happy Maha Navami!
  26. May Goddess Durga bless you Like she blessed Rama in his battle against Ravana. My friend, I wish you a happy Mahanavami.
  27. Maa Durga, the universal mother, is the ultimate embodiment of power. On this auspicious day of Durga Navami, we bow to her to seek her blessings. Wishing you a happy Maha Navami.
  28. Thank you, Maa Durga, for giving us the endurance to fast and do pooja during Navratri. Happy Maha Navami to everyone!
  29. On this auspicious festival of Maha Navami, I pray that Maa Durga be with you at all times, blessing you and showering you with bliss.
  30. May all of your wishes come true. May all of your troubles fade away. May all of your aspirations come true. I wish you a very happy Maha Navami.
  31. Worship your mother first, and then everything else will fall into place. The mother’s blessings will keep you protected. Happy Maha Navami to everybody.
  32. Wishing you a colourful and energetic Durga Puja Maha Navami full of joy, prosperity, and success. Have a wonderful day with your family and friends!
  33. May Maa Durga’s love and blessings overflow into your life. May the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja Maha Navami usher in a prosperous year for you.
  34. May all of your life’s stresses burn in the same way Ravana did. Wishing you a pleasant and prosperous Maha Navami Festival.
  35. May Maa Durga fills the colours of joy, health, and prosperity in your life. May Maa Durga’s divine blessings always be with you.
  36. May this Navratri be a happy occasion for you. May you live a life free of hatred. Happy Maha Navami 2022!
  37. May there remains no negativity around you and you are always surrounded by positive vibes and thoughts. Happy Durga Navami.
  38. I wish you happiness and success in life on the auspicious day of Maha Navami. Mahanavami blessings to you.
  39. I wish you a very happy Durga Navami, my dear.  May the joy and kindness of this sacred occasion flood your home and heart.
  40. I wish you and your family a joyous Maha Navami. I pray to Durga Maa to bless you with happiness, goodness, and good fortune throughout your life.
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Happy Navami Images 2022

2022 Maha Navami Wishes
2022 Maha Navami Wishes
2022 Maha Navami Wishes
2022 Maha Navami Wishes
2022 Maha Navami Wishes
2022 Maha Navami Wishes
2022 Maha Navami Wishes
2022 Maha Navami Wishes
2022 Maha Navami Wishes
2022 Maha Navami Wishes

2022 Maha Navami Greetings in Hindi

  1. Chand Ki Chandani, Basant Ki Bahar, Phoolon Ki Khushboo Apno Ka Pyar, Mubarak Ho Aapko Maha Navami Ka Tyohar, Happy Navami 2022!
  2. Lakshmi ka hath ho, Saraswati ka sath ho, Ganesh ka niwas ho, Aur maa durga ke aashirwad se, Aapke jeevan mai prakash hi prakash ho! Happy Maha Navami 2022!
  3. Shubh Maha Navami Wishes! Maa Durga Ke Aashirwad Se, Aapke Man Ki Har Muraad Poori Ho.
  4. Maa ki aradhana ka yeh parb hai, Maa ke nau roopon ki bhakti ka yeh parb hai, Wigde kaam bnane ka parb hai, Bhakti ka diya dil mei jalane ka parb hai. Shubh Maha Navami 2022!
  5. Laal rang ki chunri se saja Maa ka darbar, Harshit huya man, pulkit huya sansaar, Nanhe nanhe kadmon se Maa aaye aap ke duar, Mubarak ho aap ko Maha Navami ka tyohar!
  6. Devi maa ke kadam aap ke ghar mei aaye, Aap khushi se nhaaye, Preshaniyaan aap se ankhen churaye, Maha Navami ki aap ko dheron shubhkaamnaye!
  7. Sari Raat maa ke gun gaayen, Maa ka hi naam japen, Maa mei hi kho jaayen. Shubh Maha Navami!
  8. Deepon ki jyoti ki tarah, Aap ka jiwan bhi hmesha ujjal rahe, Aap hmesha muskurate rahe, Or Maa Durga ke ashirbaad se Maha Navami mnate rahe!
  9. Aambe tu hai Jagdambe wali, Jai Durge Khappar wali, Tere hi gun gaaye Bharti, O maiya hum sab utaare teri Aarti. Happy Maha Navami 2022!
  10. Saja ke apne gharon ko, Hum karen Maa ka intezar, Meri taraf se mubarak ho, Aap ko or aap ke pariwar ko Maha Navami ka tyohar!
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Maha Navami Rituals

On the day of Maha Navami, different types of religions do perform varied kinds of rituals. So below are some of the traditional acts which are quoted to describe the way different states and people celebrate Maha Navami as per their cultures.

  1. On such a sacred happening, Goddess Durga is worshipped as Saraswati. This is because she is considered the almighty of knowledge and wisdom.

In the southern regions of India, Ayudha Pooja is organized during the event of Maha Navami. They celebrate this day with musical instruments and they worship their tools and automobile machines. This day is eventually thought of as a very underlining one before initiating any new business on the next festival day which is called Dussehra.

  1. In varied places in Southern India, children begin going to their schools on this day, as the Navaratri festival gets over by Navami and schools open.
  2. In the North and East parts of India, a ritual of ‘Kanya Pujan’ is organized on the day of Maha Navami. As per this tradition, nine young virgin females or girls are called at home and they are worshipped as the form of Lord Durga.

The feet of these girls are washed thoroughly with clean water by the worshiper and his family. Afterwards, they are given new clothes to wear. They are further worshipped with Hindu devotional songs and Sanskrit mantras. In fact, special traditional food is also cooked for them; and they are given good food to eat and gifts to own as a part of respecting the female gender.

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Maha Navami’s Importance And Significance

In India, Hindu people, who live all across the nation, celebrate this nine-day festival with great joy. They love the enthusiasm and gratitude running in the air during this mega-festival. It holds special importance in the Northern and Western areas of India.

As per the Hindu calendar, Ram Navami is celebrated on the occurrence of the ninth day of Chaitra Navratri. This pious day is believed to be a good occasion to begin a new business or to buy a new thing for the home or office.

To conclude, it could be said that Maha Navami is celebrated to worship and honour Lord Rama’s good deeds too. It is considered a victorious day of observing the win of good over evil.

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