World’s Costliest Number Plate F1 Goes Up For Sale @ INR 132 crore

A number plate displaying F1 has been listed for sale by Afzal Kahn in the UK. What makes the deal most surprising is that asking price for this plate is INR 132 Crore! This makes it most expensive number plate ever to appear in the world.

Afzal Kahn is known for Kahn Design and their modified cars are one of a kind products with added essence of luxury and performance through premium parts and body modification. Most expensive number plate ever sold is presently recorded at INR 68 Crore. Mr Balwinder Sahani bought that ‘D5’ plate and created the world record.

World’s Costliest Number Plate F1 Goes Up For Sale @ INR 132 crore

F1 signifies Formula 1 and thus, fans with such huge amount of money can consider the number for their car. Presently, the plate is resting on Afzal Kahn’s Bugatti Veyron. He bought this one for INR 10.52 Crore and seems to be selling it for more than 10 times its price.

This plate costs INR 110 Crore while the amount over this figure is for taxation and transfer formalities. Regtransfers, UK’s leading official number plate supplier, has other Kahn owned plated on offer for lower prices than the F1. They have a long list of celebrity buyers on their side.

Like D5 and F1, another plate showing ‘1’ was sold in 2008 for INR 66 Crore. India is still one among limited number of markets where number plates are not allowed with custom alphabet and numeric combination.

One can buy limited numbers like 0001 or others here but all of them are coming after state registration codes and the respective alphabetical series.

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In most countries, one can select any random number plate and own the same for selling at higher prices. In India, numbers can be owned but are mostly available through government auctions.

World’s Costliest Number Plate F1 Goes Up For Sale @ INR 132 crore
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