Sales Report Comparison: Royal Enfield Classic 350 vs Bajaj Dominar 400

RE Classic 350 vs Bajaj Dominar 400 (Sales Report): Two big brands and two potential products are currently at war. Here we are talking about Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Bajaj Dominar 400. If we consider the scenario that emerged two years back, Royal Enfield was silently surfing the success wave. They were gaining huge numbers with every passing month and like every true rival, Bajaj Auto launched a product that could shake grounds under the wheels of Classic 350. Still, the plan went down soon with RE bringing 25-50 times more sales every month.

Royal Enfield Classic Signals Edition
Royal Enfield Classic Signals Edition

The product was right but unfortunately, buyers never considered the same as Classic 350 rival. If you ask a random motorcycle guy about what he thinks about both these bikes, he will certainly explain you the differences in a better way than Bajaj Auto. Was Dominar 400 born to take on Classic 350? The sales number narrate a different story. Did anyone of you found a retro-inspired design line in Dominar 400? Then why Bajaj Auto openly criticized the Classic and thought Dominar will work?

Detailed Sales Report: Royal Enfield Classic 350 vs Bajaj Dominar 400

RE Classic 350 vs Bajaj Dominar 400

Detailed Sales Report

 Month | Year Classic 350 Dominar 400
 January 2017 39,391 Units 3000 Units
 February 2017 40,768 Units 3000 Units
 March 2017 39,973 Units 3216 Units
 April 2017 43,978 Units 2000 Units
 May 2017 39,721 Units 1500 Units
 June 2017 42,149 Units 927 Units
 July 2017 42,967 Units 1341 Units
 August 2017 45,555 Units 1892 Units
 September 2017 47,674 Units 2250 Units
 October 2017 48,469 Units 1652 Units
 November 2017 49,534 Units 1004 Units
 December 2017 47,558 Units 925 Units
January 2018 53,221 Units 2072 Units
February 2018 48,557 Units 1982 Units
March 2018 50,111 Units 1561 Units
April 2018 52,075 Units 1373 Units
May 2018 51,147 Units 1191 Units
June 2018 50,426 Units 1277 Units
July 2018 44,054 Units 1381 Units
August 2018 44,610 Units 1122 Units
September 2018 44,021 Units 1095 Units
October 2018 46,148 Units 659 Units
November 2018 39,025 Units 170 Units
December 2018 34,325 Units 24 Units
Total Sales 10,81,476 Units 36,458 Units
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Dominar 400 is a great machine that could munch miles all day without breaking a sweat, that too at triple-digit speeds and pushing zero numbness into your saddle. Bajaj could have explained all this rather than going for odd comparisons and making irrelevant TV Commercials and videos. LED lights, slipper clutch, ABS, alloy wheels, extra wide tyres and full digital console, all of these were good enough to prove Dominar 400 a star with its own charm.

Classic 350 is unbeatable and that is proven here through an average 40,000+ units of the sales chart. Dominar 400, on the other hand, struggled to cross 3216 units and presently, fell back to two-digit units. Was it projected as an independent affordable tourer, the figures would have been quite different. Why would you run in the opposite direction of flowing wind if you can enjoy running with it at a faster pace?

Next-Gen Bajaj Dominar 400 Sounds
Here’s What The Next-Gen Bajaj Dominar 400 Sounds Like [VIDEO]
Bajaj Dominar is a very capable product and has a good potential but Bajaj must stop mocking Royal Enfield motorcycles and launch new advertising campaigns if they seriously want to boost the sales of Dominar 400 in India. Bajaj will soon launch the 2019 mode of Dominar in India with new double barrel exhaust and upside down front forks.

Sales Data Source

Sales Report Comparison: Royal Enfield Classic 350 vs Bajaj Dominar 400
4.13 (82.5%) 8 Reviews

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  1. Vallal Ranganathan says

    Dear Rahul Bajaj,

    that is an Unwanted promo/tv commercial though, which reverbated like a wrongly held long range rifle!

    i liked the 1st one though honestly, it was perfectly shot, But, was not understood appropriately by the target audience.

    we all need to basically understand difference between following…..

    a. Bike owner
    b. Biker
    c. Passionate Biker


    a. Bike owner: is a person (majority of Indians – this is need based*) who invests on a bike, brand to carry him and his family around surely, safely and economically and simultaneously feel proud about the brand he has invested in. No age Bar! Me too buyer. Higher % buying group.

    b. Biker: in general are new age Adolescents (majority) with vigour and vibe, they just want an attractive, sporty, powderful bike to check their adrenaline graph. Exceptional buyer, Mid or low range buying group, meaning cost, mileage does not matter to them. They need to be educated, trained, appalled on Responsible, Relishable Riding. These are the Target Audience, Show them the necessity and nurture them. KTM though a thorough offroad bike it took roads in India filling in gap as a mid sized feline.

    c. Passionate Biker: These settle for nothing lesser, only the best they want and so are limited!

    So now coming back to competition?!*

    RE: my interpretation: its an ok bike, left gear shift made easy for the current age rider, Technically its ok but breakability over all is POOR, not safe for speed cruise, forget about high speed and Continuous High Speed Rides.

    Dominar: Though i have not tried one yet (i have booked for a test ride in Bangalore online, the distributor hasn’t bothered to respond till date?!) ‘ve watched, read lot in specific, overall Dom’ is a very good bike for the features, cost, as always best matched by Bajaj responsibly for the Indian rider.
    2017 sales figures of Dom’ (forget comparing with elephant) is not appreciable, there is a way to make big presence by bringing down the cubic capacity to 180 – 200 as i am sure i do feel the mid segment bike liker/rider Thinks 400 cc is a Huge bike comparatively thus restraints himself to opt for Dom’ is the main reason for sure.

    well and Who the Hell am I?

    62 year old fella from Bangalore,
    riding since 1969 November 11th the friday to be specific, while i was 14 years,
    it was a Suvego, 50 cc moped, Written in Red on the wing shaped flaps on both sides was ROCKY.

    till date i have driven around 2 million + kms across South India, upto Mumbai on west, Vizag on east, Hyderabad in central India and down to Kanyakumari. Hundreds of times between Bangalore to Mysore, Mangalore, many parts of Kerala, Chennai and the list goes.

    i had following bikes, mine and my friends and my company’s:

    Suvego 1969
    Crusader 1975
    Bullet 1976
    Bajaj 1977
    Rajdoot 1982
    Lambretta 1984
    Ind Suzuki 1985
    Honda CD 100 1985
    Yamaha RX100 1986
    Yamaha RD350 1986
    Kawasaki 90 cc Scrambler 1987
    Bajaj Kawasaki RTZ 1988
    Hero Puch 65 cc Shakti – 2 bikes. 1993, 1995
    TVS Shaolin 1997 – Worst ever experience with this banner! 3rd class service.
    Bajaj CT 100 – Ever Best Bike i used, absolutely No maintenance except timely refill of lub’, used Elf Gold, best ever mileage @ 90 kmpl at any speed ( ‘am a specialist in continuous high speed maneuverability)

    Used to be a rude, rough rider during adolescent, learnt and developed to a responsible rider simultaneously enjoying my passion.

    Hey Dom’ not to worry, you are exquisite, Chin up.

  2. Anand Nair says

    The end result is that Dominar cannot even rake in 10% of RE Classic’s units per month. And now it has fallen to just 1K units per month. All his means Dominar is a flop. A very big flop.

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