Electric 2-Wheeler Sales Report April 2022; Ola Leads The Pack

Electric cars have seen a dip in sales in April, but the Electric two-wheelers are still on the rise. Even amongst all incidents, commotion and doubt, the E2W sales have crossed 49,166 units of sales in April 2022. The sales of the E2W in April 2021 were 5132 units, and within just a year the Electric 2-Wheelers have seen a Year Over Year (YoY) growth of 858 per cent. However, the sales of E2W in March 2022 were 49642 units, and we witnessed an MoM drop of a marginal one per cent.

Most electric two-wheeler manufacturers have seen significant growth in just a single year. And the reasons for that could be the rising fossil fuel charges, increased encouragement of personal mobility, a host of new options and improved charging infrastructure, lower cost ownership and various state and central government policies favouring the purchase of electric vehicles.

Ola sits on the top of the list of sellers in April, beating Hero Electric and Okinawa to get there. Ola is offering only one scooter, Ola S1 Pro, and it is the first time it could beat Hero Electric. The deliveries of the Ola electric scooter started in December 2021, and since then the company has seen a steady increase in the sales of their electric two-wheeler.

Okinawa Autotech got second place in April 2022 with a YoY growth of 823 per cent and a 33 per cent MoM growth from March 2022. Ola and Okinawa are the only E2W makers who could reach the sales goal of 10,000+ units in the past month.

Hero Electric dropped to the third spot in April 2022 after being on top in February and March 2022. However, Hero Electric saw YoY growth of 923 per cent from April 2021, with a 50 per cent decline since March 2022.

Electric 2-Wheeler Sales Report (April 2022)

  1. Ola – 12,698 units
  2. Okinawa – 11,010 units
  3. Hero Electric – 6576 units
  4. Ampere – 6539 units
  5. Ather – 2447 units
  6. Pur EV – 1756 units
  7. TVS – 1417 units
  8. Revolt – 1239 units
  9. Bajaj – 1121 units
  10. Jitendra – 915 units
  11. Benling – 820 units
  12. Lectrix – 659 units
  13. GoGreen – 548 units
  14. MEW – 441 units
  15. Komaki – 349 units
  16. RGM – 165 units
  17. Elthor – 114 units
  18. Others – 352 units

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