KTM Motorcycles Model-Wise Sales Report (November 2019)

KTM Motorcycles Model-Wise Sales Report: The Indian two-wheeler segment has been facing a constant decline in the Year-over-Year (YoY) sales considering the customers are eagerly waiting for the BS6 variants of the motorcycles to roll out along with certain other factors that are causing the setback. Surprisingly, KTM and Suzuki motorcycles are the only two brands who have witnessed an overall increase in the total Y-o-Y sales which can only be justified with the cult following of their motorcycles in the country.

Taking the KTM India sales report into consideration, the brand has been able to bag a total sales of 4,602 units in November 2019. The brand has posted a total increase in the sales by 45% when compared to the 3,169 units of the motorcycles sold in the same month last year.

The most cherished lower-displacement motorcycles from the brand, the KTM RC 125 and KTM Duke 125 have been able to record a total of 2135 units in November 2019. Both the 125cc motorcycles have witnessed a huge rise in the sales by a total of 367% when compared to only 457 units recorded for the Duke 125 in November 2018.

The Austrian manufacturer’s 200cc range has also witnessed a good sales record in November 219 by registering a total sales of 1755 units though, the Y-o-Y sales for the KTM RC 200 and Duke 200 have declined minimally by 16%.

The recently launched KTM 790 Duke has recorded a total sales of 5 units in November 2019 which is quite astonishing considering the hefty price tag. The motorcycle is also one of the top contenders among the most googled motorcycles in 2019.

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The other motorcycles on the list include the KTM 250 range and the 390 range which have been able to record a total sales of 456 and 251 units in November 2019. The former has witnessed a gradual decline in the Y-o-Y sales though the latter has witnessed an increase in total sales by 5% when compared to the sales report of November 2018. Here is the KTM India sales Report for November 2019.

KTM Motorcycles Sales Report (November 2019)

1. KTM 125 Series

  • November 2019 – 2,135 units
  • November 2018 – 457 units

2. KTM 200 Series

  • November 2019 – 1,755 units
  • November 2018 –  2,096 units

3. KTM 250 Duke

  • November 2019 – 456 units
  • November 2018 – 377 units

4. KTM 390 Series

  • November 2019 – 251 units
  • November 2018 – 239 units

5. KTM 790 Duke

  • November 2019 – 5 units
  • November 2018 – 0 units

Data Source

Bajaj Motorcycles Model-Wise Sales Report
Bajaj Motorcycles Model-Wise Sales Report (November 2019)