Meet Ather Dot Home Charger: Smaller, Lighter and Easy to Install

The electric two-wheeler manufacturer Ather Energy has recently launched a new home charging point by the name Ather Dot for the buyers of Ather 450. The home charging point is only available in Bangalore and Chennai as of yet. The charger has been specifically designed for Ather 450 by taking in the customer’s feedback in terms of size and compatibility required in homes.

The easy-to-install home charger has been equipped with surge protection while the authenticated power transfer allows them to charge Ather scooters only. The owners can manage and handle the home charger via the dedicated mobile phone application.

Weighing just 3.5kg, the Ather Dot has been equipped with a 2-metre long output cable and an input cable of 1.2 metres. The 60V and 12A DC charger can completely charge Ather 450 in just 5 hours and 5 minutes while it allows the scooter to charge up to 80% in just 4 hours and 30 minutes.

As per the brand, most of Ather 450 owners charge their scooters at night or when working during the day thus the increased timing issue won’t affect the sales of the charger. The Ather Dot will be available to the customers at the dedicated dealerships while the brand has also retained the Ather Grid Charging points available across Chennai and Bangalore.

The Ather Energy officials at the recent launch of the Ather Dot commented – “Ather has been working with its customers in the past year to make improvements and changes to its intelligent scooter, the Ather 450. One of those was to take the charger off-board. Taking it off helps in improving weight distribution and also improves vehicle dynamics. All this without a drastic change in the charging performance.”

The customers can get the Ather Dot home charger installed in their homes at an installation price of INR 1800 which includes the GST, labour charges and more. The brand is also offering an installation manual for the customers wanting to install it via their local technician.

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Ather Energy Opens 'Ather Space'
Ather Energy Opens ‘Ather Space’ Outlet in Chennai
Meet Ather Dot Home Charger: Smaller, Lighter and Easy to Install
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