Bajaj to Set Up New Facility at Pune – Rs 300 Crore Invested

Bajaj Auto has recently announced plans to set up a new unit in Pune for the production of electric vehicles, and the company has made an investment of Rs. 300 crore. It is the first popular Indian company to serve the market with electric scooters, and now the company is moving a step forward in its journey. The new EV manufacturing unit is situated in the Akurdi facility in Pune, Maharashtra. A number of vendors are also extending a helping hand in terms of investment, with the goal of raising another 250 crores. The facility is aiming to produce 5,00,000 EV units by June 2022.

“In 2001, Bajaj 2.0 took off on the roaring Pulsar. In 2021, Bajaj 3.0 arrives on the charming Chetak,” mentioned by Rajiv Bajaj, managing director, Bajaj Auto. “Going forward, for the Bajaj portfolio, except for implementing one state-of-the-art ICE platform that is currently under development, all our R & D drivetrain resources are now laser-focused on creating EV solutions for the future. This alignment reflects our belief that light electric vehicles for sustainable urban mobility are an idea whose time may finally have come,” he added.

According to the company, Bajaj Auto, the new electric vehicle unit situated on the outskirts of Pune, will comprise cutting-edge robotic and automated manufacturing systems for everything. Be it logistics and material handling, fabrication and painting jobs, assembly and quality assurance, every task will be handled using automation. The area that is covered by this new EV unit is over half a million square feet and will employ 800 personnel. Bajaj is expecting to convert its Akurdi facility into a hub for the design, development, and manufacturing of a complete range of electric vehicles.

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