Booking-Delivery Mismatch: Here’s What OLA Has To Say About It

Ola Electric has been in the headlines since it started delivering the S1 and S1 Pro scooters. Whether it is customers complaining about the delivered scooters or the numbers of scooter deliveries mismatching with registered vehicles on the Centre government’s VAHAN portal. Now the brand has responded to the reports related to all this.

In response to the low number of VAHAN portal registrations, Ola Electric clarified that data on the official VAHAAN website is not updated in real-time, and they are experiencing delays due to a variety of factors. Varun Dubey, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, stated that they had dispatched 4,000 scooters in order to fulfil the promises made in December.

In a statement given to a media portal, Mr Dubey stated, “I think it’s important to understand how Vahaan works. There’s been a lot of misinformation on social media as well as some TV channels. In 15 days, we had despatched 4,000 scooters, covering the commitments we had made in December. Many of them are on their way, and many of them are going through their registration process.

”Vahan data only reflects vehicles with the following conditions: First of all, many states do not report the data to Vahan. Secondly, there’s always some lag between the data from some states where there’s an older Vahaan version. Number three, there are many states where temporary registration numbers have to be given; temporary registration numbers are not reflected in Vahan. Typically, it takes about three to four weeks to shake itself out and reflect on Vahan,” he added. Even if we trust Ola’s statement, it will still take around 20–25 months for the brand to fulfil the 1 lakh deliveries at this rate.

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Source: NDTV