Honda EM1 Electric Scooter Makes Official Debut – Report

Honda recently stated that it has major plans for an electrified future. It includes the introduction of ten new electrified models by 2025. The Honda EM1 e, Electric Scooter, made its debut at EICMA 2022 as the first of those Honda electric 2-wheelers.

Few details about this electric two-wheeler are available at the moment. Honda EM1 e electric scooter will come with a Honda Mobile Power Pack. It means that it will have a removable battery. Honda hasn’t revealed any details about the battery’s capacity as well. But Honda claims that it will provide a range of over 40km on a single charge. The battery has an indicated range of 59km with a state of charge of 92% in an official video.

No information on the powertrain is available either. The images show that the Honda EM1 e has a hub-mounted motor in what appears to be a 10-inch rear wheel. The electric scooter has a large rear luggage rack. A 12-inch front wheel, a front disc brake, and a telescopic front fork are some other features. It comes with an LED lighting setup and the instrument panel is a simple LCD display.

Honda intends to aim this scooter at a young demographic seeking easy, fun urban transportation over short distances. This electric scooter will be available in Europe in the summer of 2023. But there is no word on whether it will be available in the Indian market or not.

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