Meet Ola’s Most-Affordable Electric Scooter – Photos and Details

Ola Electric has finally unveiled its new addition to the S1 electric scooter lineup. The S1 Air is the less expensive of the three siblings.

Along with the new S1 Air, Ola has announced some useful accessories such as a pillion side-step, a centre stand for parking in tight spaces, and a buddy space organiser, which can be further customised with additional options to suit the order’s lifestyle.

The new Ola S1 Air is the company’s first product released as part of its #EndICEAge campaign. They have directly compared the new S1 Air to a number of popular ICE-powered scooters, but not by name, with the goal of dethroning the Honda Activa and TVS Jupiter.

The new S1 Air is built on the same platform as the other S1 siblings, but it is shorter and lighter. The new Air has a range of 101 kilometres (ARAI) and a top speed of 85 kilometres per hour on a single charge. It is claimed to accelerate from 0 to 40 km/h in 4.3 seconds.

The new S1 Air from Ola weighs only 99 kg, making it lighter than its siblings, and has 34 L of boot space for additional accessories with their upcoming organisers.

The Ola S1 Air will come pre-installed with the company’s new MoveOS 3 software, which includes Hill-Hold, Proximity unlock, Moods, Vacation mode, Multiple profiles, and other features. It will be supported in the front by standard telescopic forks and in the back by twin shock absorbers. It will have 4.5 kW (6 HP) of peak power and three ride modes: Eco, Normal, and Sport.

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The S1 Air is priced at Rs. 84,999 by Ola Electric (ex-showroom). Ola S1 Air was available for Rs. 79,999 (ex-showroom) on bookings until October 24, 2022, for Diwali. The new Ola S1 Air is now available for booking on their official website for Rs. 999.

The S1 Air will go on sale in February 2023, with deliveries beginning in the first week of April. The new S1 Air comes in five dual-tone colours: blue, red, white, black, and grey. Roadside Assistance, scooter insurance options, and a 5-year or 60,000 km extended warranty have all been announced by Ola Electric.