Now Ola CTO Resigns – The Resignation Spree Continues

Ola has attracted many top talents to their firm in the last few years, most of them with experience working with big existing automakers such as Tata, TVS, and Hero. But in the light of recent events, Ola is surrounded by a cocoon of controversies regarding the fire incidents, range issues, and service issues as well. Many of the top guns have separated themselves from Ola, with the CTO of Ola Electric being the latest employee to leave.

Following the resignation of Ola Cars’ CEO, the departure of CTO, Ola Electric Dinesh Radhakrishnan comes as no surprise, given that two of the company’s founding members have already resigned. Arun’s resignation came less than a year after his appointment as CEO of Ola Cars in October 2021.

There is a report claiming that the Chief of Group Strategy, Amit Anchal, is also planning to leave the company. However, Ola has denied such reports. Since 2020, a handful of senior staff has resigned from their positions: CFO-Swayam Saurabh, COO-Gaurav Porwal, HR head-Rohit Munjal, and General Counsel-Sandeep Chaudhary. 

And now the CEO and CTO are leaving the company, bringing the total number of departing executives to six. The co-founders, Ankit Jain and Anand Shah left the company in 2020. Jain stepped down from his role first and was followed by Shah later.

Even though surrounded by controversies, Ola achieved a milestone by becoming the top EV brand in India this April. Ola sold 12000+ units of their S1 scooter, pushing the leading Hero Electric to third and Okinawa to second place.

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