Ola S1 Pro Owner Faces Uncontrolled Honking Issue – Video

Ola Electric launched the S1 and S1 Pro scooters with much enthusiasm, and buyers also liked the design, styling, and cutting-edge technology used in them. People booked the scooters at a high level and waited for a long time to get the scooters delivered to their doors. However, their excitement was for just a few days since the scooter owners started struggling with various problems. 

In just a few months, we have come to know about plenty of events, from fire incidents to reverse braking issues and so on. And most recently, another kind of issue occurred with the Ola S1 Pro, and the incident was reported on Twitter by a handle named Nirav Chawda @neocustoms. He posted the video on his Twitter account. It depicts a rider seated on the Ola S1 Pro and staring closely at the screen. However, the scooter continues to horn incessantly.

Nirav goes on to state that the rider was trapped in the same position for more than 30 minutes trying to calm down the honking. After so many efforts, the rider could not start the scooter either. And later, they took the scooter from there by towing it. It seems like that happened due to a faulty operating system.

OLA Electric Scooter Problems - Full List of Problems Faced by Owners
OLA Electric Scooter Problems – Full List of Problems Faced by Owners

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