Ola S1 Pro Owner Gets New Ola Electric Scooter For Free

Ola Electric has made headlines for various reasons since the launch of the S1 and S1 Pro scooters in the country. Once again, the brand is in the spotlight, but this time it is good news for the maker as an Ola S1 Pro owner has achieved the 200 km range with a single charge.

Let’s make you understand the whole scenario. Ola has recently upgraded a new OS for its S1 Pro electric scooter, and the buyers are really excited to have new features like ECO mode that enhance the range of the scooter. 

In this way, an Ola user tweeted that he had completed a 200-kilometre drive after updating to the latest OS 2.0. As mentioned by Karthik (S1 Pro owner), he drove the scooter in ECO mode in both traffic and highways. The picture also displays the average speed of 27 kph and the highest speed of 48 kph. The battery is at 3% capacity after 202 kilometres.

Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal responded quickly with a Tweet from his official handle. In his tweet, he commended the S1 Pro user for breaking records by achieving over 200 kilometres of range from a single charge. He also stated that Karthik would receive a new Gerua S1 Pro for free, as promised at a previous event.

Soon after, Ola’s CEO shared a pic of himself giving Karthik the new S1 PRO Gerua colour. When taking delivery of his complimentary Ola electric scooter, Karthik is spotted wearing a t-shirt with the hashtag End ICE Age.

The upgraded MoveOS 2.0 is presently in beta testing and has been given to many owners. The updated OS includes features such as mobile connectivity, a new mobile app, a navigation system, and a new ECO mode that extends the scooter’s complete range. In the following weeks, Ola Electric will distribute the final version of the software to clients.

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