Ola S1 Pro Owner Pours Petrol On His Scooter and Sets It On Fire

The electric scooter segment’s popularity was just speeding up in the country when it got hindered by the low quality of vehicles. For example, people who bought Ola S1 Pro electric scooters are now frustrated to such an extent that they are not even hesitating to damage them. Recently, an incident took place in Ambur, Tamil Nadu, where a physiotherapist named Dr Prithviraj set ablaze his 3-month old S1 Pro scooter. 

As per the Youtube video by Sun News, the doctor bought this scooter for daily commuting and errands. But the performance of the scooter was not up to expectations as claimed by Ola Electric. Even so, it went through three unrevealed services. On the day of the occurrence, Dr Prithviraj was on his way home from work when the scooter reportedly stopped at a remote area in the middle of the path.

According to the sources, the scooter went just 44 km after fully charging. This added to the scooter owner’s anger, and he just poured petrol on his scooter and set it on fire. In the video, we can see the scooter in flames. Just to let you know, Ola claims the riding range of the S1 Pro is 181 km and the true range is 135 km. It was also pointed out by the other riders that the system shows the wrong figures and the battery drops suddenly.

OLA Electric Scooter Problems - Here Is The Complete List
OLA Electric Scooter Problems – Here Is The Complete List

This is the third incident that has happened to the Ola S1 Pro scooter in the past few days. Earlier, it got blasted while parked on the roadside, and recently, a person reported on Twitter regarding the fatal accident of his son due to faulty acceleration and braking of the scooter. For the road accident, Ola reverted quickly and demonstrated that it was the rider’s faulty driving that caused the accident. Apart from that, Ola has recalled 1441 units due to the fire incident for investigation and resolution.

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