Ola S1 Pro vs Ather 450X vs Bajaj Chetak – Hill Climb Test Video

With the burgeoning popularity of electric vehicles in the country, all the two-wheeler makers are stepping into the race. Currently, the talk of the town is the Ola S1 Pro thanks to various things, and performance is also among those. Recently, a Youtube channel named “ASardar Reviews” posted a video in which he compared the Ola S1 Pro, Ather 450X, and Bajaj Chetak electric scooters during a hill-climbing test. Let’s take a look at how these scooters fared in the test.

Hill Climb Test Video – Ola S1 Pro vs Ather 450X vs Bajaj Chetak

At first, all of the electric scooters shown below have been tested with a pillion sitting behind the rider, at least at first, to provide a realistic simulation. The test begins with the Bajaj Chetak because it is the oldest of the three models seen in this video. Chetak was originally set to Eco mode by the vlogger. It got off to a good start with some promising performances and was able to make some sharp corners reasonably smoothly.

Chetak automatically shifted to Sport mode after a number of hard hairpin turns, recognising that the scooter could require more power when rising. The scooter reaches a top speed of around 45 kmph on its uphill voyage with relative ease. The Ather 450 is next in the race, and it has been a game-changer in the electric mobility arena. The Ather 450, like the Chetak, has several riding modes; however, unlike the former, the ride modes on this one must be toggled manually.

On this occasion, too, the YouTuber began in Eco mode, but after a few hairpins, it was discovered that it loses velocity, especially with two people sitting on it. When in Warp mode, the Ather 450 quickly reaches the summit of the hill while reaching an astonishing top speed of 60 kmph. The Ola S1 Pro was saved until last since it is the most recent product in the two-wheeler EV arena and promises the best performance, at least on paper. 

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When started in Eco mode, the S1 Pro has the fastest 0–40 kmph acceleration. However, as it encounters its first bend, the scooter’s speed drops dramatically until it comes to a complete stop. The scooter was unresponsive to throttle twists. Even when the pillion disembarked, it stayed the same. The Ola e-scooter began rising steeply after being switched to Sport mode, but it abruptly came to a halt when the scooter’s AI detected that the battery had heated up and needed to be cooled. And the vlogger had to push the scooter up the hill.