Meet Self-Balancing Scooter Concept by Liger Mobility

Incubated at SINE-IIT Bombay, the electric vehicle startup by the name Liger Mobility has developed a proprietary self-balancing technology that will allow the two-wheelers to balance themselves while at the same time increase the comfortability and offers ease of riding.

The startup has been founded by Vikas Poddar (IIT Madras) and Ashutosh Upadhyay (IIT Kharagpur). The self-balancing technology can be installed on any automatic scooter. For instance, if the customer is planning to buy a Honda Activa at INR 60,000, the customer can avail the self-balancing technology at 10% of the scooter price that will be INR 6,000 for this case.

Since many two-wheeler manufacturers have introduced the same prototypes of self-balancing technology for scooters and motorcycles in the past, Liger Mobility has set their technology apart by making it affordable. Both the co-founders believe that the new technology does make the scooter expensive by 10% though at the same time, will make it safer to ride as well as intelligent enough to take voice commands.

Liger Mobility Concept Video

The duo also promises that they already have a prototype that responds to voice commands as well as parks itself. The recently uploaded video by a Youtube channel does offer us an insight into how the new technology will work and its impact on the two-wheeler’s performance.

The team at Liger Mobility worked relentlessly for two years developing the code as well as multiple prototypes to bring their dream into reality. The Liger self-balancing technology has been developed with the same ballast algorithm required to provide stability to a vehicle in real-time.

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Their team has brought together a robust algorithm which works wonders for self-balancing with the help of accurate sensors. Though there is a long road ahead for the Liger Mobility to handle the backwards of decreased range as well as battery power required, it would be interesting to see their plans in the coming days.

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