Sub-200cc Vespa and Aprilia Scooters in the Making

The sub-200cc Vespa and Aprilia scooters will soon arrive in India, with an engine of this size especially being developed for the Indian as well as nearest international markets. The model is expected to keep the familiar SR nameplate in the Aprilia and VX/ZX nameplate in the Vespa lineup. The upcoming scooter is a direct rival to Lambretta 200cc model and both the brands will try taking over the premium scooter section before any homegrown automaker plans a displacement increase in their 125cc options. Aprilia and Vespa are the only two brands to offer 150cc options in India as everyone stays limited to 110cc and 125cc segment for a huge sales number.

Piaggio Vespa GTS 300
Sub-200cc Vespa is Expected to be Inspired by the Piaggio Vespa GTS 300

The engine will be developed in collaboration with the R&D centre of the parent brand Piaggio in Italy, with emphasis on the exclusive presence of this engine for the Indian market. For Europe, the brand stays good in 50cc, 125cc, and 150cc category, with one big leap seen with a 300cc segment engine under their scooter for those who need a performance in their daily lives. The brand will soon introduce fuel injection to all the models available in India and that will result in a slight increase in price. Aprilia SR series is staged as a sporty alternative to the premium Vespa options and not just that, pricing is also on the favourable side for the sporty scooter buyers.

Aprilia SR Max 300
Aprilia SR Max 300 Image Used for Representational Purpose Only

Vespa earlier retailed 180cc options in the 1960s and later, the engine size was limited to 150cc. The spokesman from the brand has hinted for a 150-250cc motorcycle and 150-200cc scooter for the Indian market, clearing that the above advancement will need more time and scooter could be developed at a faster pace. As with the 125cc and 150cc option, the scooter could keep the same design and just get the new motor with better tires for the masses. The grip levels will differ with the more powerful engine and thus, they could use wider tyre options on the new scooter.

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Aprilia SR Max 300 Touring Scooter Spotted
Aprilia SR Max 300 Touring Scooter Spotted in India