Apple Watch Series 8 Rendered Image Leaked; New Feature Revealed

The forthcoming Apple Watch Series 8 official launch date has not been announced by the brand yet and is anticipated to come around September next year. But ahead of any official update, there is plenty of information surfacing online such as the previous month report that the upcoming watch will be offered in three sizes and now we have the CAD render of the Watch Series 8 that reveals that the watch would not come with design tweaks. 

Apple Watch Series 8 Rendered Image Leaked
Apple Watch Series 8 Rendered Image Leaked

As per the latest media report, this rendering was made using pictures and CAD data obtained from sources knowledgeable about the subject. The only notable difference is that the Apple Watch Series 8 has two speaker grilles rather than one. Otherwise, looking at the dial, we found that it is identical to the previous Series 7 watch. If the brand uses this design, then it will be disappointing for the fans. However, it is too soon to comment on the upcoming watch. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the render also depicts the Apple Watch Series 8 in black, which may or may not be an authentic colour. As per the source, the Watch Series 8 will be available in a light shade of green identical to the iPad Air. While leaks indicate that Apple is retaining an older design for its next-generation wearable, rumours suggest that the tech giant will rectify this by bringing new features. A blood sugar monitor and a body temperature sensor are anticipated among the new features.