Jawa 001 Chassis Number Auctioned for INR 45 Lakh in India

Jawa 001 chassis number was sold for INR 45 lakh at an auction held by the brand earlier this year. The event marked a total collection of INR 1.43 Crore, all of which will be spent for the education of martyr’s children in the country. The highest bid went for the number 001 out of the 13 numbers that were kept for the auction. The chassis number 007 was the least expensive one for INR 5 lakh. Here is a list of all the numbers and their respective highest bids at the Jawa auction event.

  • 001: INR 45 lakh
  • 017: INR 17 lakh
  • 005: INR 11.75 lakh
  • 024: INR 10.5 lakh
  • 003: INR 10.25 lakh
  • 099: INR 7.5 lakh
  • 052: INR 7.25 lakh
  • 013: INR 6.25 lakh
  • 018: INR 6 lakh
  • 026: INR 6 lakh
  • 011: INR 5.5 lakh
  • 077: INR 5.25 lakh
  • 007: INR 5 lakh

Jawa Signature Edition, as they call these 13 units from their lineup, was not shown at the auction event but, the motorcycle is said to support tricolour on the fuel tank and engraved owner name on the fuel cap. The INR 45 lakh worth Jawa 001 and all other motorcycles from the auction are available with a service package that brings 42 months free service options and much more. Every number here signifies something from the history of the brand.

Jawa 300
Jawa 300

Jawa is offering the 293cc, single-cylinder engine on all the motorcycles, producing 27 HP of maximum power and 28 Nm of torque. The buyers who had booked the bikes in November are still waiting for the delivery as they are not feeling good with the system that works on the non-transparent platform with no order publically available for the future owners. Also, the number of units delivered to date are much smaller than what everyone had expected from the brand.

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Jawa 42
Jawa 42
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